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The Internet Research Agency
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So we know that there are thousands of paid trolls working for the Putin government, we likely have some here as they are everywhere on the web.

This give us strong indications of just what the Putin government’s long term objectives are.

Clearly Putin is rebuilding his version of the USSR, he’s put the KGB back together. He’s also been rebuilding the territory the USSR once used to control. Crimea is now back in the hands of Putin after the betrayal of a senior Ukraine military officer in Crimea.


The career of Sergei Yeliseyev helps to explain why Ukraine’s armed forces gave up Crimea almost without a fight—and why NATO now says it is alert to Russian attempts to undermine military loyalty in its eastern European members.

His rise to become number two in the Ukrainian navy long before Russia seized Crimea illustrates the divided loyalties that some personnel in countries that once belonged to the Soviet Union might still face.

Yeliseyev’s roots were in Russia but he ended up serving Ukraine, a different ex-Soviet republic, only to defect when put to the test. NATO military planners now believe Moscow regards people with similarly ambiguous personal links as potentially valuable, should a new confrontation break out with the West.

In 2014, Yeliseyev was first deputy commander of the Ukrainian fleet, then largely based in Crimea, when Russian soldiers in unmarked uniforms took control of Kiev’s ships and military bases on the peninsula.

Instead of resisting, Yeliseyev quit and subsequently got a new job: deputy chief of Russia’s Baltic Fleet.

Yeliseyev, now aged 55, did not respond to Reuters questions sent to him via the Russian defense ministry.

Putin has thousands of personnel at war in Eastern Ukraine.


The Russian government has deployed thousands of armored vehicles and troops into Ukraine to support separatist rebels in the war-torn country’s eastern region, Ukraine’s top defense official says, despite repeated assertions from Moscow of minimal military involvement there.

“It’s a real army. They have continuous inflow of munitions,” Pavlo Klimkin, the Ukrainian defense minister, told a small group of reporters on the sidelines of an international security conference here last weekend.

Klimkin says 2,000 Russian armed vehicles and “a couple thousand” Russian soldiers are operating in the contested Donetsk and Luhansk provinces of eastern Ukraine, known collectively as the Donbas. A simmering proxy war has taken place there since 2014, when Russian-backed separatists began fighting to break the rural provinces away from Kiev. In addition, Russia has deployed artillery, mortars, light weapons and missile systems, like the Sa-11 that reportedly shot down a Malaysian airliner in 2015.

And all the other nations in Eastern Europe that are now under threat from the aggressively expansionist Kremlin under Putin.


And what are the likely Olgino trolls here saying.


An excellent proposal, hopefully it will happen soon.

And we shouldnt stop until every American base in Northern Europe is closed.

Basically, step aside and give Russia back control of all Eastern Europe. As we saw with Crimea and as we are still seeing with Ukraine, where there is ANY power vacuum in that region then Putin will exploit it often violently.

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Why would Russian saboteurs target a barely-used atheist forum like CFI

No, why would anyone be on here if they have utter contempt for the other people who make up the forum.

Simply to troll them.

For one thing atheists tend to be far more skilled in critical thinking and resistant to the kind of thought control involved with something like the Kremlin having thousands of paid trolls prowl the web seeking to prevent any discussion that may lead to a coordinated opposition to them.

It’s why they pay these intentional assholes.

They come onto a forum like this and immediately begin to troll and attack anyone who holds an opinion that runs counter to their agenda.

Beltane showed up right after trump was elected. The first interaction I had with it - it’s not a real person, it’s the product of a troll factory - was being told by it that I was deranged for thinking that trump colluded with the Russian government to get elected.

And then started an entire thread to take that discussion in a totally pointless direction.


Good point, and that little piece of American history pales in comparison to the mayhem-inducing imperialist policies FDR favored.

Where apparently the leader of the isolationist US government was a nefarious imperialist… even though at the time the US had an army smaller than “mighty” Portugal and a tiny fraction of the armed forces of the nation this BS is almost certainly coming from. The USSR where Stalin already had millions of men under arms and almost 20 million trained reserves. It’s why when the Nazis invaded and they destroyed red army after red army Stalin merely created another one to use as cannon fodder.

The same shit is going on now, the US is the aggressive nation but Russia under Putin is peace loving and no threat to anyone.

even though it keeps attacking its neighbours and engaging in things like the cyber attack on the US that has put one of the most socially destructive presidents in US power in office.

And still has thousands of nuclear weapons pointed at us and will add even more fierce weapons this year with the RS-28 and S-500.

But according to this Putin troll that is pure paranoia to even talk about this stuff.

I don’t know what your problem is, but don’t mess up my thread with your stupid cold war paranoia.

My problem is, I’m not willing to allow my freedom and possibly my life to be destroyed by the scum of the earth that is represented by those in power now in Russia and those who they hire to prowl the web to propagate their disease.

Once trump is gone then the motive for this kind of attack here will largely be gone, this is just more of the smokescreen that is being thrown up around the russian backed traitor on the US throne.

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Guess who is right at the top of the list of companies being charged by the FBI for attacking the US through the internet?

You got, the Internet Research Agency LLC



And considering we’re likely being ratfucked here by people from the same agency who showed up right after the Russian backed trump took office, how about a little action here to stop posters from trolling this site in the interests of the Russian(Putin) government and against the interests of pretty well everyone else in the civilized world.

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