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Big question
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InBetween said,
I am not being sarcastic here, this is an honest question: and you don’t think, that this “timeless permittive condition” as sofisticated and highly complex as you portray it to be must have some type of A command center or brain, out of which it aught to run its routine checks, calculations, analysises etc.? Please keep in mind that one does not have to necessarily exclude the other. To me, they are perfectly compatible.

I believe you are misunderstanding my use of the term “permittive condition”.  Contrary to it’s being sophisticated and complex, I submit it does not “give permission” . It is completely without any shape, form, or complexity of any kind.
Therefore it may be called an abstract purely permittive condition which IS permittive of “everything” including the BB and it’s subsequent inflationary epoch, which then gave birth to the universe (spacetime) as we know it..

Inside the universe (spacetime) itself is where physical complexity and restriction begin. The universal laws of physics, which are “permittive” of specific action, but “restrictive” of other actions.

The universe is not infinite, it is a “bounded” finite construct expanding into an infinite, but “timeless” abstract permittive condition.

It is so difficult to describe that which cannot really be described, because it doesn’t physically exist as space, but is permittive of space and everything witin it’s bounds to form, accompanied by time of duration.


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