Do you want to make this forum where people have to register before they can post?
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Register before you can Post?  No more Guest?
Posted: 12 April 2004 10:25 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Due to the overwhelming horrible post by Guests in this forum I have decided to create this poll to see what people thought of having only people who register can post.  Guest can still read other posts or whatnot, but need to register before they can post.  I think this will help contribute to more quality posting instead of these random one show or one week people that aren’t interested in a discussion jus their 2 cents or their flames.

Posted: 20 April 2004 07:54 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]
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Re: Register before you can Post?  No more Guest?

Good topic, eric. I definitely think posting should be limited to registered users only. Very few “professional” forums that I visit allow guests to post. There’s no need to keep guests from reading what’s been said, but if you’re going to post, you ought to have a certain amount of accountability for what you say. (Now watch some guest come on and flame me for saying this.  :-p)


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One of the sites i chat at you even have to be registered to post.


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Personally I do not really care if a casual visitor has to register but when we see someone flaming and going wild but they do not register.  Then I think they need to be put on a banned list or post a list of their e-mail locations and screen names as sort of a wall of shame.

Just a thought.



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Spammers and Flamers

Dear all-

If you notice a spammer on the forum or someone leaving inappropriate posts, please send their user name to me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), or the name of the thread if they’re a guest.


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about time! In one the long Islands I believe there are casino spammers.


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