Idea of a CFI event or campaign. (Secular vs. Religious law)
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This case brings up an interesting point:,776,Germany-Cites-Koran-in-Rejecting-Divorce,NYTimescom-Mark-Landler

A German judge denied a Middle Eastern woman a fast-track divorce she requested because her husband was beating her, citing the Koran.

In America we have all these people wanting the Ten Commandments in the court house, etc., and saying how great religion is and how "God’s law" is superior to "man’s law", etc., so why not have something about religious law vs secular law, where we present people with the opportunity to choose between the two.

Lay out the laws in the Koran, the Torah, and the rules or guidelines of Jesus, along side secular laws of the US or whatever coutnry, and allow people to choose which laws they would rather be judged by and which laws they think the country should be governed by., etc.

There are a lot fo possible things that could be done with this.


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