Big Trouble in Big Texas
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From the SKEPTIC internet mailing list (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)):

> Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 21:25:05 -0500
> From: Prasad <xxx@xxx>
> Subject: A skeptic and atheist in Texas jail
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> I get the newsletters from NTCOF—North Texas Church of Freethought—although I am
> not a member of it. I just came to know from the newsletter that a member of NTCOF and
> the former-President of NTS—North Texas Skeptics—which I have been a member of
> since 1999 (or so), is in jail and is facing felony arson charges. The shop under
> question is only 3 miles from my house. I knew Curtis when he was the President just a
> few years back. That I didn’t know this episode (which happened in 2004) shows how
> close I am to him. I spoke to John Blanton (a member of this list). He knew about this.
> As I learned, Curtis is in serious trouble, the jury having passed the verdict already.
> He is facing a minimum of 35 years in jail. The sentencing is on June 7th in Sherman,
> Texas. There is more information, including his wife’s update, on
>              -Prasad
> ** Excerpt from NTCOF newsletter **
> Longtime NTCOF Member Curtis Severns has been falsely accused and
> wrongly convicted of 18 counts of felony arson because of an
> accidental electrical fire at his gun range in August, 2004. He is
> facing a minimum of 35 years in prison; he has already been denied a
> new trial and bail. An appeal is likely but will cost tens of
> thousands of dollars on top of the many tens of thousands already
> spent on his defense against these false and scientifically baseless
> charges. Anoother Texas man, Cameron Todd Willingham, was executed in
> 2004 for deaths caused by a fire that later was shown to be
> accidental, falsely accused by junk science theories on the evidence.
> About 50,000 people are convicted of arson each year in the US, and
> in light of the serious scientific flaws in the interpretation of
> fire evidence, many of them are likely innoocent.
> In Curtis’ case, NTCOF Directors have already written character
> witness letters to the judge, hoping he will set aside the jury
> verdict or else sentence Curtis to time already served (nearly seven
> months by the time of his sentencing). Neither is very likely. Now
> all we can do to help Curtis is be present in the courtroom at his
> sentencing hearing to show how many people support him and know he is
> innocent.
> Sentencing is set for 9:00 AM on Thursday, June 7 in the Federal
> courthouse in Sherman, Texas, in the courtroom of US District Court
> Judge Richard Schell. From US 75/Central Expressway, go north to
> Sherman and exit Travis Street (Exit 60). Turn right onto Travis
> Street; the two courthouses are one block ahead at Pecan & Travis
> Streets, one on each side of the street—we don’t know which
> courthouse will have Curtis’s case yet.
> Please try to attend and help one of our own through this horrible
> nightmare. If you’d like to help support Curtis and his family,
> please see more info on the NTCOF Bulletin Board at http://
> churchoffreethought .org/bb in the section titled ‘Help Free Curtis
> Severns.’

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When one chooses to live in Texas, they do so at their own risk as far as I’m concerned. I lived in West Texas for 6 years and it was a nightmare. Texas is a prison state with a prison mentality. If you do reside there, stay east of the Dallas-San Antonio corridor, that’s all I can say . . . and even then it’s dicey.

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im in Arlington, TX!


“Unsustainable systems can’t be sustained.” ~ Robert Jensen

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You should be okay, truthaddict. wink