The Great Flood really happened.
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Joined  2007-06-19 is a fictional account, which I just realized has a typon the first line. It is not 750 years ago, but 7500 years ago.

But “Noah’s Flood” by archaeologists Ryan & Pitman give a pretty fair outline of the event in the middle of the 6th millenium when the original Euxine freshwater lake was filled with sea water from the Bosporus opening up. A few points since they published. The region is still prone to earthquakes. And Northern Turkey, in particular, has an East/West fault line that fractures like vertebra, each one going off about 20 years before the next from East to West.

When the ice age ended, the river flow south into the Euxine basin dramatically fell off. Until then, the lake was filled to overflowing, but it flowed south thru what is now the Sakarya river valley. However uplift raised that up at the very time when the flow decreased, and a kind of chronic Younger Dryas type drought cut off the flow from Turkey. The water level gradually fell to 300 feet below sea level.

But as the ice melted, the sea level rose to become that 300 foot higher than the Euxine lake. And in the middle of the 6th mil, tectonic activity caused subsidance along the coasts of the sea of Marmara, not that different from that seen in the past few decades, but also it factured the aquifers in what had been the isthmus between Greece and Turkey. Thus, as the Torah says, the springs became artesian. This would not have happened if the water came from rain, because the water pressure would have been the same both over land and sea.

Anyway, as the sea water leaks thru, it gradualy washes earthquake loosened rubble out, increasing the flow, and the force, which eventually reached a rate 100 times greater than Niagra. With a flow this great, you’d expect there to be house size boulders on the north end of the bottom of the Bosporus. And there are. It cut a channel 750 feet deep, even tho the outflow from the Black sea only needs 100 foot.

Naturally, the fundies have gone ballistic, and its a good way to get flamed if you bring this up in a list they post to. There are also cadres of hacks pandering to their sensibilities trying to debunk Ryan & Pitman. But the Great Euxine flood explains anomalies in Aryan history. Gimbutas, who wrote years before this came out, suggested that the Aryan homeland was north of the Caspian. JP Mallory, “In Search of the Indo-Europeans” dont buy it, pointing out all the words related to fishing as an important lifestyle. “Canoe”, “Canvas”, and other words for water craft, as well as many for freshwater fish, but no words for the salt water environment. Which ruled out the Black Sea. Even tho everything else we know suggested a nearby location. the reason nobody could find the original Aryan homeland, was that nobody thot to look on the bottom of the Black Sea for it.

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One problem I have with all this stuff is the name.  When we consider the percent of total land mass that was actually covered the name should be THE LOCAL MEDIOCRE SIZED FLOOD.


Oh, and if we didn’t have modern means of communication and transportation, the people of New Orleans could easily have considered Hurricane Katrina a world wide flood.  If someone happened to building a boat and was able to save his family when the storm hit, he could decide that god warned him because he wasn’t sinful like the other citizens of Sodom, whoops, I mean New Orleans.

The whole concept of a worldwide flood is just stupid.  And an ark big enough to hold pairs of all the animals of the world and all the food required would have to be a few hundred times the side of a modern aircraft carrier.


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You really want to get Christians going compare it to other myths, like Gilgamesh and Atrahasis.  They really hate that, but all it is is a rewrite of previous mythical flood stories.  I almost forgot, even the N.A. have a flood story (several actually), but it’s harder to compare the similarities with N.A. flood stories.

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