Fundies Vs Atheists in J-ville
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This article made its way to the front page of Jacksonville Florida’s Sunday June 24th newspaper:

Setting aside all notions of this paper’s history of slanted-ness, this is the furthest I’ve seen this paper push its way up to the line and probe the philosophical nature of the population. My big question is who made the decision to put this on the FRONT page and for what goal and purpose?

I’m so sick of religious people claiming to be under an irrational attack from the non religious. Does it just not occur to people that displaying religious icons on public/government of any type is very UNconstitutional? Or is it that they really do know that, and they have only one option and that is to retaliate with crazy things like “OMG we’re being oppressed!!”

If your beliefs are so fragile that you think they will DISAPPEAR if I tell you to not put them in a courthouse, or that its ok for gays to get married, or that you shouldn’t be so generous with “merry Christmas”, then maybe your beliefs are all they were cracked up to be, and maybe…. just MAYBE…. you really don’t believe them.

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Well, at least the article made an attempt to give both sides of the story.

I did wonder about this quote, about the new atheist books, from Mark Coppenger, a “professor of Christian apologetics at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky.”

their best-seller status underscores an environment hostile to faith.

First of all, what exactly is a “professor of Christian apologetics”? A professor of religious indoctrination and marketing?

Secondly, the best-seller status of these books says nothing very much about the overall religious environment in the US for one plain reason: there are 300 million american citizens, and these books won’t sell to more than 1% of that total. The Bible is the largest selling book every year, and IIRC Tim La Haye’s apocalyptic fantasies wildly outsell new atheism.

So while these books’ “best-seller status” does show a deep concern (and even hostility) to faith, it is in a very small corner of the population. In fact, it is because this small corner is tired of living in an environment which is overtly hostile to nonbelief. Any professor of religious studies should be aware of that fact; however a professor of religious indoctrination might not be willing to admit it publicly, as it would go against his job description.



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There was an editorial in USA Today a few weeks ago, by a columnist who was complaining that he couldn’t go into a bookstore without “tripping over the latest atheist title”.  Funny, when I went to Barnes & Noble looking for Victor Stenger’s latest book, far from “tripping over” it, I had to track in down in the very farthest corner of the store, on the shelf (yes, that’s SINGULAR shelf) where they keep the “science” books.

What I did “trip over” on the way out of the store, was a whole table crammed with Christian books about how they had “proved” the existance of God!

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... and cases of religious discrimination in schools.

Hm… funny they should say that…

When I was in school, I think that at least once a month I was discriminated against for being atheist. I once had two Christian friends mock me for believing in scientific views on how the world/universe was created before I was openly atheist.

And, alas, we have a dillema. If we don’t want them to take over the world, we have to fight… but if we fight, they become more and more convinced that they are the ones being opressed and more and more willing to fight back.

The wheel turns…


1. God is omnipotent.
Source: Several incidents where I’ve annoyed fundamentalist Christians by challenging God’s power.
2. If God is omnipotent then he can travel faster than the speed of light.
Modus Ponens
3. Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.
Source: Einstein
Therefore, God is nothing.

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logicisrefreshing - 25 June 2007 12:27 PM

And, alas, we have a dillema. If we don’t want them to take over the world, we have to fight… but if we fight, they become more and more convinced that they are the ones being opressed and more and more willing to fight back.

The wheel turns…

No dilemma there; just keep fighting and win.  Sticks and stones won’t break their hold but words will.

Edited fter reading the article:

Other signs of atheists’ influence are the removal of Ten Commandments displays from courthouses, Nativity scenes from municipal parks and cases of religious discrimination in schools.

Isn’t the removal of cases of religious discrimination in schools a good thing?  The other objection I had concerning this article was the use of the term “atheist and christian leaders”.  Atheist leaders?  Can any other atheists on the site tell me who our leader is?

That said.  I don’t find the article to be particularly biased given that opinions generally only appeared in direct and attributed quotations and the mentions of atheist books were conversational and as such part of the author’s expository or rhetorical style geared more to engage the reader by showing a personality rather than to protest any kind of a point.

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