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Jackson - 07 September 2007 08:25 PM

My main point is that using profanity violates all of the rules of persuasion. 

When someone calls another a profane pejorative, I seriously doubt that he’s interested in persuasion. LOL

Unfortunately, in certain social groups, profanity is part of their standard vocabulary, about as meaningful, as “uhh”, or “well”.  If one is trying to make a point and avoids using these words, the listeners may comment that the person is trying to be better than them.  As such, he has been less effective at persuasion.  So, in those situations, profanity wouldn’t violate the rules of persuasion.


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tongue rolleye Oh for crushed cookies and smashed pies this thread faded away like its author.

And so the beggar girl married the prince and they lived happily ever after.

THE END? red face


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