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A new low for PBS
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Found some of the Inner Peace card s*** he wrote. On one hand, I suppose that it’s alright to have an optimistic point of view, and he does make a good point about how some conflicts simply aren’t worth fighting… But there’s a lot of other laughable stuff. For example. “Practice the Power of Intention” cards, which say that if you intend for something to happen it will.

In any moment in which you’re experiencing thoughts that make you feel sick or bad, do your best to change them to thoughts that support the idea of feeling good. Refuse to talk about disease; and work to activate thoughts that predict recovery and overall well-being.

Makes you wonder how a pathologist stays alive, since thinking about disease is their profession.

Every thought that you have impacts you. By shifting in the middle of a weakening thought to one that strengthens, you raise your energy vibration and strengthen yourself and the immediate energy field.

What kind of energy field are we talking about? If you think positively while standing underneath a powerline, will the energy vibration increase enough to make it explode?

Feeling abundant surpasses the money in your bank account and transcends what others may think of you. Genuinely feeling abundant and successful is possible when you detach yourself from the things you desire and allow them to flow to you-and through you.

Ok. Let’s all stop desiring a Mercedes Benz and it will appear in our garages on its own.

Being infinitely patient means having an absolute knowing that you’re in vibrational harmony with the all-creating force that intended you here. You know that everything will happen at just the right time, at just the right place, with just the right people.

Mmm… Vibrational harmony. Wait… what?

When you practice unbending intent, you match up with the intent of the all-creative universal mind. So keep a solid picture of the task you want to accomplish in your mind, and refuse to let that intention disappear.

Wow. The universe actually thinks for itself. That’s news… Now prove it.

Alcohol, as well as all drugs-legal and otherwise-lower your body’s energy level and weaken you. In addition, you’ll find that people with similar low energy show up in your life. By retreating from these substances, you can achieve the level of consciousness you crave.

Uh huh… Caffeine’s a drug. It must lower energy.

Say “I want to feel good” when you’re tempted to indulge in low-energy thoughts. Wanting to feel good is synonymous with wanting to feel God. Remember: “God is good, and all that God created was good.”

Except Lucifer, evil, and that damn tree. What? God created everything afterall.

Your imagination is the concept of Spirit within you; it’s the God within you. It’s the invisible connecting link to manifesting your own destiny.

Got the first part right.

By banishing doubt and thinking in no-limit ways, you clear a space for the power of intention to flow through. The power of intention is so doubt-deficient that when you’re connected to it you see what you’d like to have as already being present.

Which goes back to the imagination thing. I’ll second that.


1. God is omnipotent.
Source: Several incidents where I’ve annoyed fundamentalist Christians by challenging God’s power.
2. If God is omnipotent then he can travel faster than the speed of light.
Modus Ponens
3. Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.
Source: Einstein
Therefore, God is nothing.

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