The stupidity of religious schools…
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And I don’t mean religious schools in the foothills of the Hindu Kush. This is in the UK.

What utter stupidity is inspired by religious schools.

Sikh girl to be converted to Catholicism in an attempt to gain school place.

Leaving aside this issue that the choice of religion or belief for this young girl should be the girl’s decision, my taxes are funding this idiocy.


That’s right. This is a state school! I’m paying to fund a school that sets an entry condition based on what religion the child’s parent follows (or claims to follow).

Could you believe this is allowed to happen? It’s 2007, not 1807.

News items like this anger me more each time I see them.

When are we going to rid ourselves of the ridiculous link between church and state?


Phew! That’s better. I needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for listening!


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When are we going to rid ourselves of the ridiculous link between church and state?

Twenty years ago I would have commiserated with you and felt good about the U.S. having progressed further along the way of separating church and state.  Unfortunately, we are backsliding badly.  I’m no longer as sanguine as I was about the demise of religion and its power.


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That is lunacy. Any system that makes religious conversion a necessary route to a good education should be ended.



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Indoctrination causes brain damage.  That is what religious schools are for.

What?  You want a world of intelligent people or something?

What’s your address so I can send the inquisitors?




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