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How to start your own religion
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So should I finalize a prayer as “in the name of the Mother, the Daughter and the Holy Goat” or as “Goddess the Mother, Goddess the Daughter and Goddess the Holy Goat?”  (And alway end ALL prayers as “ah women.”)


Book Fourteen:

SURA 1: In a far distant time when the earth will have gone through many changes there will be many Hitteon false prophets who shall claim they are the Hitteon spiritual leaders and proclaim the numbers of Hitteons will be far greater than there is. But beware of these false prophets whose names are many.

SURA 2: For in those times they will use many titles, but unless they say they are the direct descendant of the one true prophet Apsaras they will be false prophets, for in that time my first prophet who is Mogoonok Abulukia shall have as his direct descendant Apsaras the Second whom shall come in the year thirty six thousand and seventy eight years to fulfill the Second Covenant that shall prepare the way when Mogoonok Abulukia shall again return as a saint to descend down upon the earth in a great noise to take up all of those worthy to go to the New Earth. For the old earth will be wiped away and a new earth shall a wait all of those worthy to be called Followers of the Creator.

SURA 3: And in that time confusion and fighting of words will go amongst those claiming to be Hitteons but none shall be but a very select few. For celestial spirits shall be confused with divine spirits and shall deceive many saying they come from a confused god for they shall come forth from out of the bowels of Hode. (Hod)

SURA 4: For in that time these spirits will confuse by saying they are divine spirits. But I say unto you this day; it is the will of Aradia that I send a fleet of celestial spirits to say they are divine spirits to confuse the wicked and the false prophets and those that would misuse these teachings.

SURA 5: And all matter of claims shall be made to furth confuse but only the chosen one shall know the difference.
Yea the time will come when the veil of confusion will be lifted and the whole of the Qarabet shall come forth and all of the books shall you see before your eyes. For the Old Covenant books will out weigh the New Covenant of books but without all of the books whatsoever ye should know of the truth of all things will do you no good.

SURA 6: For in that time great tribulations shall be upon the earth when evil shall be more exalted than good and when the evil father of Latti (Italy) shall confuse the multitudes by kissing mere babies of many colors and seem like a lamb but shall be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But his suffering shall be a multitude that he shall deny even the paruh (homosexuals) of the humans to have no rights in marriage. For he shall die a thousand deaths and go straight away unto Hode (hell), for he reineth in the seat of the Beast.

(This book was written in 1977 along with all of the numbered books. Book Fourteen has 48 more verses on prophesies to come and was supposed to have been written 5,000 years ago in Lemuria by Apsaras and visited by God and his angels which of course it is and was in 1977 a work of fiction. The last verse (verse 6) is talking about the Catholic Pope.)


Book Fifteen:

SURA 1: And these shall be the tribes of the earth whence the nations of future times shall spring forth; from out of Yuli shall first come the tribe of Oogulu who shall be from the seed of Yohod and his kinsmen.

SURA 2: And next shall be the tribe of Qalpoo from the seed of Weepie.

SURA 3: And the third tribe shall be Upio from the seed of Dhihava.

SURA 4: And the fourth tribe shall be Ishapah from the seed of Neiumpeach.

SURA 5: And the fifth tribe shall be Noopu from the seed of Runa.

SURA 6: And the sixth tribe shall be Uni from the seed of Oochgoo.

SURA 7: And the seventh tribe shall be Moxi from the seed of Yupanshee.

SURA 8: And the eight tribe shall be Weetza from the seed of Aramar.

SURA 9: And the ninth tribe shall be Oops from the seed of Goopia.

(Book Fifteen is in place of the book of Numbers from the bible and there are 38 more verse in Book Fifteen naming all of the tribes and the father of each of those tribes making 47 tribes total. Some of the funniest names of the tribes are: “Smelt, Poota, Woof and Push”. Thus ends the numbered books.)


Book of the Sacred Arcanes One:

SURA 1: There are many mysteries to man in which is important to man but in which man has a right to know. I keep no secrets from man as I want him to know as much as I do.

SURA 2: There are certain herbs and plants that if man will eat them his mind will open, he will become enlightened and know as much as I do. But if a man uses these plants and herbs for the sake of his own gain as to experience it in great fun I will turn from him and he shall see devils.

SURA 3: These plants and herbs are very sacred and must be used in a holy matter.

SURA 4: The fungi that Ova and Abam ate is one of these plants, the herb Chuta is another. The Choatlena is another plant, the Tihmuash is another, the Thepis is another, the Talus is another, the Orcha is another. Use these plants wisely and your mind shall ne opened and you shall immediately know how to use your powers. (At this point it was never revealed what these plants were but followers thought they were what we call in modern times controlled substances.)

SURA 5: He who misuses these herbs and plants misuses his body.

(The rest of the 30 verses tells about the names that the proctors are to take upon becoming proctors and lot of trivia about other things that American Indians know about but in which I decided to include in my book.)


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holely Goat I bring the truth

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Yes Mrana I got your thread and thank you. Of all the moderators I agree with you the most and you are the most helpful.
But the membership fees to join CFI seem awfully steep per year, but then academies take money to run and I suppose that is why they charge so much.

And I see they started about the time I started my phony religion and they are still going strong and Hitteonism is all but under the carpet even though I heard rumors it is still going I do not know for sure.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holely Goat I bring the truth

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Thank you.  I do try to help.  BTW, a thread is a group of posts in one topic, a post is a comment made in a thread.  smile


“Sometimes in order to see the light, you have to risk the dark.” ~ Iris Hineman (Lois Smith) The Minority Report

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I wonder who invented the internet lingo? Why not talk in plain English; post as in post a message on to a topic instead of a thread?
I suppose somewhere that thread has a spool, a needle and a seamstress. Tell me Mrana, do you live in the states or England?
You seem to have a real head on your shoulders which brings me to another point; several years ago I read in a magazine where eleven men and one woman did a research over a five year period to see which sex was the most intelligent and discovered hands down that women were three to one over men. More women who went into business were more successful than men. Women were better drivers than men, smarter doctors, lawyers, school teachers, judges, business owners and bankers. I have worked for both men and women and even myself know women are smarter when it comes to running a business and far less women cheat in business and there are far less women criminals. There are far less insane women than men, yet there are more women than men. God is a man and so is Jesus. And neither one have much brains when it comes to running the universe. My vote is have them turn it over to Goddess and Jane so we can all get on with living in a perfect world. In fact lets thrown all of the men out and replace them with women as the men sure are messing things up. If Bush were a woman and Muslim men had to cover their bodies instead of women, how do you think things would be in the world now?


The Sacred Arcanes Book Two:

SURA 1: Total freedom of self is to first turn ourselves inside out by reaching into our subconscious. We must deeply concentrate on sending our conscious energy inward and explore inner levels of our mind. Do not let outside things or wandering thoughts break your concentration power. Draw your thoughts inward, channel them into the subconscious and probe its depths.
When you have discovered the inner most depths of your subconscious you will be ready to use its energy and it in turn will serve you well. When it begins working for you; you have total freedom over self. You need not call on any power higher than yourself. (Nhjv with prava.)

SURA 2: Complete control of self is having your right hand do differently than your left hand as right foot is doing differently than either hand and left foot doing differently than the other three, and mouth moving while tongue speaks all at the same time; controlled by both the conscious and subconscious mind in union. (Ishmahti.)

SURA 3: Reach into the depths of spirit and you can travel dimensions at will. When you have conquered self you can conquer your spirit. Concentrate beyond the subconscious to a far reaching depth and send out your spirit channeling it through the inner beam of soul self energy into the most outer levels of existence. Travel through levels of timeless, space less and material wastes into the prava (wholeness of complete self) of Aka unto the point of total axa. (The God Power.)

SURA 4: One can escape the confines of one’s body through spirit energy and erase time and space. Spirit energy is full and over flowing and must be brimmed off time after time or the mental energy becomes clogged. The clogging of mental energy stifles the conscious and one becomes into a confused state. While in a confused state one can be controlled by others. (Brainwashing.) The key to brimming off energy from the spirit is through dimensional travel. (Dimensional travel are levels of higher plains of thought. There are dimensions within ourselves hidden in the inner most recesses of our minds.)

SURA 5: One can never be free until total self and total spirit becomes free within the alliance of all. Break away away through the total of concentration of your inner most energy into a higher plain of conscious thought and the alliance with all is complete, yet you become free of all.

(There are 27 more verse, actually paragraphs/verse which are called suras all in which explains in more depth of how to control your own mind and being and becomes deeper and deeper, then goes on to program yourself through a new way of thinking.)


The Sacred Arcanes Book Three:

SURA 1: The soul is the essences of the mind, the thoughts. The spirit is the essences of the self, the eternal ether of the personality self.

SURA 2: The spirit is the essences of the ego, the entity of who we are.

SURA 3: God is the power from whence all power comes.

SURA 4: Yama is the collective spirits connected of all there is.

SURA5: Yohom is the connection of Yama and God.

SURA 6: Axa is the power in which comes into play by combining Yama and God.

SURA 7: Provas is the control of the axa power.

SURA 8: Kama is the power within.

SURA 9: Id is the inner self, the inner soul.

SURA 10: Ix is the outer you, the power of self connecting with Yama.

SURA 11: Enlightenment is the full understanding of what it is you come to know.

SURA 12: Master-hood is mastering the teachings of the entire Q’R'Beth of all seventy seven books and using these powers positive in every way.

SURA 13: A creator god is a master of the Qarabet who can create anything by thought alone without any outside influances or tools.

(There are 38 more verses in which explains in more detail how to use your mind to create things from thoughts alone and it was surprising how many people not only believed they could but swore they were able to.)

The Book of Soholom and Uzzek:

SURA 1: There are many pathways though life for each person, Aradia created ten pathways for each of his creatures. Warnings, signs and dreams are their guide. Your life is planned by ten roads, only one is the right way. If that road is found and followed every positive thought, happening and long life of goodness is for that creature.

SURA 2: Aradia has shown a way to build the right shelter, to make the right garments, the right food, the right medicine and the right way to live. If one lives by these things thy dwelling place will last forever, the elements shall not prevail against it and the earth with call it Brother. Thy garments shall strengthen thee and shall out wear thee. The food shall make thee healthy and you shall not know illness. The medicine shall prevent thee from becoming ill and disease shall become a stranger. The right way to live shall put thee upon the right road and no sorrow shall stand in the way.

SURA 3: There shall be those that shall say the sons and daughters of God are the children of Hod (or Hode), but woe unto them that speak ill of my faithful servants and spit upon their face for Aradia shall turn from them and their pleads shall go unanswered for they shall be like lost sheep crying in the wilderness.

SURA 4: Those that follow after the creator and Aradia’s teachings shall be lifted out of the pits of despair and shall sit upon my throne, but they that follow after devils and teachings of the lost shall also be lost. Despair not in the very face of greater despair and hopelessness for the forces of Aka ate thy army and kinsman, but beware of those that shall provoke thee to go astray that ye shall become lost and not know which way to go.

SURA 5: There are things of the earth and things of the sky that even the very learned knows not of and they shall say the mystery they do not know is not so, but even the very Masters know only one billioneth of Aradia’s total knowledge.
He who follows the teachings of false gods and false knowledge shall dine with swine and dwell in the house of fools and stagger upon the road of life.

SURA 6: He whom says I believe not whatsoever Aradia speaketh and goeth another way shall not see the kingdom of the Creator or sup with the saints.

(There are over 200 more verses in the Book of Soholom & Uzzek explaining and revealing the “secrets of the ages” and the “lost” language & alphabet of the “settlers of the planet earth.” Most of those who became converts believed by now beyond a shadow of a doubt that all other religions were false and only the Hitteon religion was true and the Q’R'Beth goes on to make the prophesy of the Christian religion and claiming it will be the religion of the devil and Jesus Christ the evil son of the evil god and Christians as followers of the evil one. It even foretells the conquering of the American Indians by these “evil ones” to start their evil religion in North America and predicts the rise of despot leaders. Of course every single follower believed it completely.)


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holely Goat I bring the truth

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The Book of Zhork:

SURA 1: Many of the divine spirits shared the meaning of their names as the language of Aka and the language of of the rest of the universe is different and many divine spirits share responsibilities at different places while some wore in one area and others in other areas never crossing each other’s paths. Benzil and Hatu both meant “Good Friends.” Hennik, Horak and Ana all mean “I obey.”
Angak, Woot, Pui and Ham mean “Loyalty.”

SURA 2: Many divine spirits were messengers for various things, to various planets and to various people at various places. The planet earth shared some of the divine spirits with other planets while some divine spirits were messengers only for earth and it’s sun’s planet.

SURA 3: Hatu, GoaGoa, Zacherius, Chot, Obie, Cam and Oola are divine spirits whom all share duties at many different places.

SURA 4: When ever you wish to contact a divine spirit or wish the services of one all you do is call on their name repeating their name over and over again and at the same time thinking what it is you want them to do for you and if they are in charge of that part of creation they will do it as it is their duty to do so. If you call on the wrong divine spirit they will contact the right one for you.

(There are 344 other verse to do with divine spirits, their names and what their names mean.)


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holely Goat I bring the truth

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The Book of Said (Pronounced sah-eed)

SURA 1: Celestial spirits are those spirits which have their own special place in Aka and for which theirs exceed even the divine spirits in duties as they are given nearly equal powers with Aradia and are so exalted that almost nowhere will you find their names in the whole of the Qarabet. Yet some are also called divine spirits because they have equal duties with the divine spirits as well.

SURA 2: Zacherius is both a divine spirit and a celestial spirit as is Obie, Mica and Sal.

SURA 3: One need not call the Cahrahbet by its Akian name but by its Aramaic name (Arabic); the Qarabet, although many may call it the Q’R'Beth it is not proper to call it such.

SURA 4: This place in Aka for which these celestial spirits or beings dwell is called; Splahda (spla-dah) which means “exempt abode.” Splahda is off limits to divine spirits and even Masters and the saints as it is a special place for these divine spirits that there is no place any where in any dimension to compare its beauty and peacefulness and therefore it can not be described whereas any mortal person could understand it.

(There are 159 other verses that explain more about the celestial spirits, their abode, Aradia and what God is.)


The Book of Kant:

SURA 1: Numerology as a science has its bases on the fact that everything in creation has a set number because it was the only science known in which records were kept. So numerology is the science based on numbers mainly to do with coming events or how to plan your future. The consensus that everyone is born under a certain set of numbers and one particular number is your number or numbers which brings you luck has been around for centuries.

SURA 2: All of this started from the actions of creation when early scientist noted that a certain numbered sequence of events took place in all creation and that these events were precise in numbers at a certain given time. That these numbered events could be counted on to happen over and over again. Superstitious persons then corrupted the system and it not into a science but nonsense.

SURA 3: The real study of numbers in which a sequence of events can be relied upon to take place through scientific revaluation and cross referencing is called a numeration of events in which the true nature of numbers work in accordance of the laws of nature.

SURA 4: Although charts have been designed by occultist and soothsayers these charts are actually corruptions of scientific
diagrams in which were used to analysis and study numeral events both past and present in order to predict coming events.

(There are 60 more verses in the Book of Kant all to do with numerology. Below is two numerology charts from the book.)

The Ontell Chart

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.    8.    9.
A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H     I
J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q     R
S T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z

(This was taken from an actual chart used by numerologist.)

Simium Chart

1.  2.  3.  4.    5.    6.    7.    8.    9.    11.    12.
A   J   S   B   K     T     C     L     U     D     M
V   E   N   W   F     O           G     P     Y     H
Q       I         R           X           Z

(This second chart is actually taken from a secret code used during the Cold War and no longer in use in which I added to the book as it was nonsense to think it could predict the future.)


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holely Goat I bring the truth

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The Book of Chot:

(The Book of Chot was given by the divine spirit Chot to First Caliph Zoroch who was from ancient Zimbabwe during Baloma the
Firsts’ reign. It was a book doing with questions and answers on the mysteries and teachings of the faith asked by the members of the faith to Baloma whom Chot answered immediately is these sessions which took place at Jubba, Persia, then an all Hitteon town near the mouth of the Tigris River in what today would be Kuwait. Since Aradia said he was not going to keep any secrets from anyone those that wanted to know of hidden things were only to ask and it would be revealed to them. The Qarabet its self over time became a book not only of the teachings on how to bring forth our powers but also a book of knowledge in which without this hidden knowledge we could never hope to know the “truth of all things.” Thus the Book of Chot was named in honor of the divine spirit Chot who gave the answers to question asked by the faithful.)

The foregoing statement heads the Book of Chot. There are 52 verses in the Book of Chot. In Sura 47 a supposed member of the faith asked this question over five thousand years ago:

SURA 47: Since there are so many other races of mankind that are Hitteons and are made to learn Lemurian in order to have a universal Hitteon language what happens hundreds of years of now when this form of Lemurian and its language changes, how will one speak or spell the words we presently have?
It is true that all of this will change and Apsaras knew this but did nothing about it and Baloma knows but has asked his “holy council” to reestablish all of the words; words we use now and the same words spelled different in a different time using even different Lemurian symbols. Here is that list:
R’B'ith’L…........Rah bay iff illa
Y’Antl"el…........Atz Onk Ill
L’Zhn D’...........El Sama Day
L’ Dhn ‘Aa….....ill yon obo
R’L'Zne….........rah bay sun
Ghy ‘L Dhn ‘Tn…....hi illa yon tigy
A’Mhn…...............Ob Mon (a book of the Q’R'Beth on the foundering of the faith.)
Uikaemptemptkan…....you camp timm can
El-dul Ben-Ocha…..il done bean oh-cho
R’B’ ‘Qhn…..........ray bay zoot
Aab-ob….........aba oba
Future generations mat pronounce these words differently, the same or both ways but this is for the changing of languages or Lemurian as a new language. Orthodoxy will cause many persons never to change but Hitteonism will not always be orthodox with everyone but the orthodox may not change anything that is why they are the orthodox. (sic from Sura 47.


The Book of Madanna:

Forward: After Apsaras had written the things that Aradia had intructed him to write he journeyed with 200 Hitteons to the lands of the east. After journeying for over a year he came into the land of Madanna near present day Arga, India.
Aradia had placed all of his knowledge in Apsaras so Apsaras would readily know of these things. Apsaras taught the people of Madanna all his knowledge and stayed with them for more than five years building temples and schools for teaching the “Hitteon Way.” Apsaras kept a journal during his stay in Madanna which became known as the “Book of Madanna” and in which he transcribed his daily life and teachings while there. The Book of Madanna is completely different than the rest of the Q’R'Beth books with the exception of a few more minor books and although in its self has many teachings. There are no suras in the book but rather time tables, places and meetings of persons and events with persons. (May 1977)

(The fore going was the forward for the Book of Madanna as I had written it in the spring of 1977. There are 59 paragraphs in the Book of Madanna which reads like a diary and made to appear as if all of this actually was written 5,000 years ago by the Hitteon Faith’s first prophet; Apsaras the First of Lemuria.)


The Book of Ramashajiva (pronounced ram mah sha heave ah)

Forward: Apsaras spent thirty years in ancient China, Tibet and Russia before returning once again to Madanna and its capital city of Ramashajiva. The Book of Ramashajiva chronicles his second stay there and tells about the seven great Masters. The book is not written in suras but paragraphs. (June 1977)

(This was another “diary” of Apsaras written in 37
paragraphs with drawings of “ancent” symbols and their meaning.


The Book of Y’Ung Tze (pronounced yen-tee)

Forward: Apsaras left Tu’ Lang and traveled further north to the Messahja tribes and there wrote the Y’ung Tze or the book of uttererances and speeches.

SURA 1: If I hold out my hand toward you, will I have to hold it in vain? Will you utter from your mouth or place gold in my hand?
Do I hold out my hand in vain?

SURA 2: My feet are sore. May I bathe them in thy pool and rest in thy shade?

SURA 3: Shall I abstain from poison for thy benefit? Shall I die from this cup that thou may sayeth thou hast drank in my social order?

SURA 4: Shall I perish for the government or flee to the desert? If thou fight not why cry for me to fight? Can I not flee to the desert?

SURA 5: I am tired. Can I sleep with thy animals, drink from the well and eat the fruit of thy old barren tree? I seek not a bed or the floor of thy house or to drink from the cup or to eat in the presents of thy household for I am but a weary traveler without gold or salt.

SURA 6: I am deaf but I can hear thy presence. I can hear thy presence within my soul. Can I not hear within thy soul? Who say you I can not hear in my soul? Doth thou proceed me? Doth thou knowest whether I hear in my soul or not?

(There are 36 more suras in the book like this and in Sura 37 a speech was given by a supposed “Master.” )

SURA 37: I am within myself and precede in my own way; you can not change me unless I wish to be changed or can you have me to go another way without that recourse being mine. You may force me through torture to bend to your will but this does not precede me either do I go this way for when I am free of you I should return to the existence that is comfortable to me.

And from Sura 40: Politicians and loud mouths sleep in the same bed, eat at the same table, walk the same path and tell the same lies. I am glad I am a nobody. I sleep alone, I eat alone and I walk down the path I choose. Leave folly to fools.
I wrote this book in June of 1977)


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holely Goat I bring the truth

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The Book of Rivijahmas (pronounced ree vee hom mus)

Forward: After Apsaras had traveled into the lands of the north of Madanna he came upon a people who lived in the high mountainous land who lived in fortress like cities. These people were the ancient Tibetans. Apsaras went into their cities and begun teaching and during his teachings he met a man whose name was Llama Injah. He learned through Llama Injah many ancient secrets dealing with life, herbs and health. Apsaras recorded the teachings of Llama Injah in the Book of Rivijahmas or the book of cures. (July 1977)

SURA 1: The powder of the acorn made into a tea resists the poison of venomous creatures.

SURA 2: Crush the acorn into a tea and the bark of the Oak as an antidote against poisonous medicines.

SURA 3: The leaves of the Oak will disolve tumors, swellings, womb troubles, piles and hemorrhages.

SURA 4: Pine needles will cure troubles of the lungs, kidney troubles, throat troubles and poisons of the lung.

(There are 91 more verses on cures which actually comes from a real source of folk medicine and still used by home remedies.)


The Book of Tolzomeni (pronouced toe zoh mean knee)

Forward: Apsaras spent nearly four years with Llama Injah and the Llama Injah had become a Patriarch of the Faith and went on to Madanna while Apsaras traveled northward once again. Apsaras traveled on into Tu’Lang which was a small nation to the north of Tibet. Apsaras stayed in this country for three years there writing the Tolzomeni or the book of spirits. (June 1977)

SURA 1: The first spirit is Power which comes from the east and is a blinding light.

SURA 2: The second spirit is Intelligence, it comes from the west and is a burning fire.

SURA 3: The third spirit is Wisdom, it comes from the north and is as bright as the sun.

SURA 4: The fourth spirit is Love, it comes from the southeast and it warms you all over.

SURA 5: The fifth spirit is Justice, it comes from the south and is a blue light.

SURA 6: The sixth spirit is Beauty, it comes from the southwest and illuminates everywhere.

SURA 7: The seventh is Principal, it comes from the northwest, it burns brightly.

SURA 8: The eighth is Eternity, it comes from every where, it is all light.

SURA 9: The ninth spirit is Good, it comes within and shines outward.

SURA 10: The tenth spirit is Humanity, it comes from the northeast and shines everywhere.

(There are twenty more verses that tell you how to use these spirits to get what you so desire, but because of the complications of gasping the teachings no one could ever quite understand the teachings there by failing to achieve what they were seeking but at the same time they all found an inner peace as they so testified to the fact.)


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holely Goat I bring the truth

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The Book of Nishabad:
(another diary)

1: We have been in Oxnan (ancient Germany) for six months and about twenty of Leiug’s (village chief) people have joined our religion but Leiug himself is holding out.

2: Early this morning invaders poured down out of the mountains and attacked Oxnan. The invaders killed several of Leiug’s people while they slept. Some of the women were taken prisoners. Takaa led me and my band to safety in a canyon nearby our camp which was a little further off of the village. Elaia was taken prisoner by the invaders. Tekaa has gathered Titans amongst the Hitteons and has set out after his sister and the captured Nishabads. I am staying behind to teach.

3: I understand the invaders were called Magogs (ancient Russians) from a land north of here. They have dark hair, olive skin and wear shaggy animal hides around their selves. They fight with clubs, spears and a crude type of bow with flint tipped wooden arrows.

4: I have been here in Oxnan for one and a half years teaching. Tekaa and the Titans have not returned so I have sent runners to Caliph Lukia of Latti (ancient Italy) to send all of the Titans (soldiers) he can spare me and I will lead them on to Magog to return my people. Everyone in Oxnan including Leiug have joined the religion at last.

5: After eight months my runner has returned with over five thousand fierce fighting Titans from lands south of here. Most of the Titans are riding horses and carrying swords, shields, long spears, clubs and explosive powder brought from the far east. We have started out along with over a thousand more persons from Nishabad, one of the mightiest forces I have ever seen and are heading toward Magog.

6: Our first day was rough going as we traversed rivers, mountains and rough terrain. We traveled about fifteen miles the first day.

7: We have been traveling for about two weeks and are nearing the Magog border. I have sent scouts ahead to spy on the Magog.

8: We have camped in a pass near the Magog border and are waiting the return of the scouts. The camp is restless; the Titans and the Nishabad army are eager to do battle.

9: We have been here for three days and early this evening our scouts have returned to tell us Tekaa and his Titans have been taken captive and were held prisoners in a large stockade not far from where we are now. They are guarded by about one thousand Magog soldiers that have encircled the stockade in their tent city. Eliaia and captive women have been taken to the capital city of Govik and were sold into slavery. We plan to attack early in the morning, surround the Magog camp before they have awakened and rescue Tekaa and the Titans.

10: Before the sun has cast even its dimmest light our entire force of over six thousand man and women moved upon the enemy. We surrounded their entire camp and before they knew what was happening we swooped down upon them. Many of the enemy were slain, others taken captive and but a small number fled their very lives terrified at our large force and modern weaponry. We smashed the stockade apart and rescued Tekaa and our Titans. It was a yearful reunion when I met Bishop Tekaa once again. He is now twenty four years old but because of his captivity and ill treatment he looks much older. He tells me he and the Titans chanted every day and did much axa power for his delierance and always believed the power would get them out of prison and also free his sister and the Nishabad women. After the battle we have made camp on the spot and feasted and made merriment for our easy victory. We will begin our march against Govik in the morning.

(In number 14 he writes:) Today we met Bishop Choua and his four thousand Titans just outside of the village of Zhekiva and made camp. Bishop Choua said ten thousand crack troops from Lemuria would be joining us within a few days as the entire nation of Magog would be going to war against us. So we will wait here.

(They went on to get twenty five thousand soldiers to go against the enemy. This is part that was very similar to Lord of the Rings in the battle scene as they are met by forty thousand of the enemy.)



In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holely Goat I bring the truth

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The Book of Gaul

Forward: After Apsaras, Tekaa, Elaia and his band of seventy five missionaries left Oxnan they went to the coast of Nishabad and acquired ships to take them to the islands of Gall or Gaul (the British Islands) and after they arrived they went amongst the small tribes and begun their teachings. The book of Gaul chronicles their stay there.

1: We have arrived upon Gall or Gaul and have come upon a friendly tribe of people that speak a language similar to the Latti tongue nonetheless I am able to understand them and have no difficulty communicating with them. We have set up camp nearby and well help them repair their nets for fishing tomorrow as the best way to get anyone to want to be taught our teachings is to start helping them with their tasks and before long they will ask you what your beliefs are and you are then free to tell them.

2: Today we all worked repairing nets and helping with the fishing. This evening some of the Elders asked after our religion and I begun teaching, soon more people came to listen and soon over a hundred people were staying in the moonlight listening to me teach.

3: While many of the men went out in their boats to fish today I stayed behind with the old men, women and children and taught. Near afternoon many Gaulics joined the faith.

4: These people live in rock villages on the seashore. All the villages surrounded by high walls, not against invaders but against the onslaught of the sea, the waves and the wind. Many ways their villages look similar to the Magog villages or the village of Oxnan with the exception that the Gaulics have wooden furniture and sleep in beds off the floor as the ground is damp in places and most of their floors are of dirt or sand. They haul their water from a well nearby. They do all of their cooking and baking indoors. Inside of their houses they have stone ovens near large fire pits used for cooking and baking in clay pots. They have crude wooden tables and benches in which to sit upon. The men do all of the fishing and the gathering of food, the women and children do all of the water hauling, cooking and the making of clothes. Their clothes are made of a very course material from a type of seaweed, in fact all of their cloth is made from this sea weed. They use wild berries and nut shells to dye beautiful designs in this cloth. They have constructed a crude reed pipe which they emit music from and they dance to this music almost every night after a big catch and the men return from the sea.

(There are 15 more entrees whereas he tells the beginning of building a gigantic temple there (Stonehenge) and how they built it using a huge derrick they constructed from trees they hauled over a great distance. He says they used logs criss-crossed for the roof beams and then laid smaller poles between them and then covered the roof using dried seaweed and grass and sealing it with pitch and mud.)


The Book of Yupansan

Forward: Apsaras and Tekaa traveled to the land of Elaia and Tekaa’s birth (Iceland) and stayed there many years, taught and then went into other lands to the east where they stayed and taught even more. Apsaras was two hundred years old by this time and Tekaa was forty three.  They along with fifty others then started traveling toward the land of the Hatti. The Book of Yupansan (you-pan-sin) which meets the “last book”* was written when Apsaras returned back to Hatti.
(*Actually it was not the last book, but the last book that Apsaras wrote before he ascended into Aka in the flesh and Tekaa was chosen by the Holy Council to become the next proctor of the faith. He tells of chants, prayers to use and several other “magical” things to be used to get what you want in this book which has 145 entrees and is written like a diary.)


The A’Khi’Ek:

Forward: The A’Khi’Ek (pronounced ob-kee-ock) was given to Apsaras by the divine spirit (angel) Benzil on how to set up a church government and how to conduct that church government as Aradia had set up his own government in Aka. Benzil explained that exfactor meant any ordained set in place spiritual head such as either a proctor, ashoni, first supreme priest or preordained prophet which were called womacks and in which he told Apsaras: “Aradia will send two womacks which will be saviors of a future time to be the spiritual heads of different time periods which shall be called torahs that these saviors shall come to save the faith first from dying out of the faith, then from the dying out of the eartth.” He explained that the chain of command was to go from the spiritual head to the first council member to the first priesthood of the highest priesthood to the second council member right on down the priesthood. And that was the way Aradia conducted his creation and the church (faith) represented his creation.
A’Khi’Ek means “divine government.”

SURA 1: In order to run Aradia’s church in the perfect order of things you must do it exactly as Aradia runs his creation or the church will topple and be no more.

SURA 2: There is to be a Holy Council of no less than thirteen and no more than either twenty seven members of various nations to stay within their nations and travel once a year from all parts of the earth to meet in the Holy Hitteon city (capital) and each is to represent the divisions of the government; industries, the treasury, the titans, the libraries, the documents, the membership, the missions and the courts of justice.

(There are 69 more suras or verses telling how to set up each department of the church and how to conduct a high and low mass and other important functions which at this point converts knew for sure that indeed the Q’R'Beth was the inspired word of the creator god and not just made it as many believed the bible was on account of so many contradictions which they did not find in the Q’R'Beth. And that is why over half of the followers refused to believe it had been a hoax as I claimed it was because “no man could be that intelligent to just make the book up. Which of course if anyone could make up the bible over seventeen hundred years ago surely one man could make up the Q’R'Beth, but there were still doubters anyway.)


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holely Goat I bring the truth

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Ghy’Dhn (gove-ill-hon)

Forward: When Apsaras was in Krakal on his way there Hatu and Chot (angels) transcribed the Ghy D’Dhn wich were proverbs with number values, a very strange and different kind of book. Such subjects as the high and grand priesthoods , food, love, animals, knosmen, government, home, children, travel and the future were all involved in this book. Hatu and Chot told Apsaras there were many proverbs tofollow throughout our lives and that everyone of these proverbs also had number values as everything in creation was considered of numbers and without numbers nothing would exist. That through numbers we could mold our lives and even see into the future by using them. That numbers were extremely important in our lives.
While Apsaras was in Kraxal he had run out of papyrus and had to use silk scarfs to have his scribes put down on the Ghy D’Dhn and a new scribe used the language of the people of Krakal to record the book which went from the “Book of proverbial numbers in your life” to the shoter version “Ghy D’Dhn.”
But then getting the book out of that part of the world and past enemies they wound the scarfs about their heads and wore them like turbans and once they were back in their own land people who saw them wearing this strange new head dress liked it so well that the turban came into style from that time on.

(There are 18 pages of number values of proverbs.)
The Book of Y’Antl’El (atz-onk-ill)

Forward: The Book of Y’Antl’El or the Book of Masters is the dos and the do nots on the right paths to follow while member of the sacred Hitteon society called the “Order of the of the Mystic Masters of Madanna.”

(There were five separate chapters with names that could not be pronounced unless you were a High Priest and knew the secret language. Each chapter taught you exactly what negative and positive action and thought were. Saying “Your Honor” or calling some one honorable other than your self was a very negative thing to do and was considered taboo by the creator, therefore followers were not allowed to call a judge “Your Honor” with the wrath of the “God” befalling anyone who did.


A’Atl’Eth’Aa’Nh”Y’R (bay-if-rah-ill-cah-naw-vaw)

Forward: It meant “moving toward perfection” and was supposedly written by Hitteon Masters (immortal men and women.) It has 100 suras on everything to how to live a life without doing any wrong to the seven sacred objects of the faith and describes them in detail to be carried into the “holy of holies” into the Magoda temples and the Parish churches by the spiritual leader and monks.

(There were the sacred objects called the: Treh, the Tron, the Anktut, the Yahma, the Skoal, the Meshaka and the Pentron. Then there was the Mii-Tat Stone supposedly handed to Apsaras by the arch angel Beleasa brought from Aka (heaven) and touched by Aradia (God) and used by Apsaras (the first prophet) as an alter and it became the most sacred of all objects and carried in an ark called the Meshaka by monks where ever they traveled and guarded by Titans (soldiers) and always carried into the Kalabal (holy of Holies, the very center of the Magoda (pyramid type of temple) once a year during the Unification Week (days of religious ceremonies in celebration of the foundering of the faith going back “5000 years ago.” The Unification ceremonies were done inside the Yhandi (yandy) in which was a large compound make up of the Magoda temple, several smaller temples to the demi-gods, the parade ground, the dancing arena, the Main worship temple and a monastery where monks cared for the grounds.
The book explains the Paruh (homosexuals) as the perfect humans and anyone attacking them or insulting them in anyway would be condemned to eternal punishment in Hod (hell) and suffer all sorts of ill luck while in the flesh.)


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holely Goat I bring the truth

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If I understand this thread begun by Holey Goat, he claims to have started a truly bogus religious faith on a bet. And that this religion took off with a life of its own and actually has adherents today.

The problem I have here is that if this is true,  the skeptical reader hesitates to assume that anything Holey Goat says can really be believed.  Which saves a lot of time.

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If you do not believe I started a religion then I am sure there was no such religion called Mormonism since Joseph Smith never started it, no Scientology, no Moonies, no Church of Satan and in fact there is no such a thing as religion because no one started any religions.

I think you are just a troll from a theist site hoping to stir up some trouble here. Why have you even suggested I never started this religion? You do not even know me. If this religion does not exist try telling that to the believers. If Mormonisn does not exist try telling that to a Mormon. Everyone of these people would think you are touched in the head.

The foregoing was copied from the internet. Indeed I started the Hitteon Faith in 1977 and it did not just start off on its own as I taught it as its spiritual leader up until I announced it was a fake and converts went on missions to convert others.

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In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holely Goat I bring the truth

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El-Dul Ben-Ocha (el-doh bean-ock-caw; combining all powers as one)

Forward: The El-Dul Ben-Ochca was given to Apsaras by the divine spirit Cam while Apsaras was inGaul. This book teaches how to use the Ab-ob Force, the oneness power used by Aradia. This is one of many books on how to use your power fully. Although the oneness power is called by many names it centers mostly around two words: Prava and Nhchw-asn (praw-vah and ack-wash-she.)
Of all the sacred books in the past of taking some of the negative power and absorbing it then combining it with the positive power although has been vague in detail this book covers the subject thoroughly and as one reads on from the begining to the end prava and nhchw-asn then becomes very clear and very understanding. This was one of the lost books discovered by Christians in 50 BCE as “works of the devil” at Alexandra, Egypt and destroyed. Thus Cam has returned to bring forth the same exact book back again to be added as before to the Q’R'Beth. (1989 Proctor Apsaras the Second)

SURA 1: First you must be positive in all though and in all action. You must think positive things and you must do positive things.
You must never think of negative things or do negative things, even the sight and actions by others to take part in negative things or think negative.

SURA 2: If some one had wronged you and continues to wrong you and refuses to stop wronging you no matter how nice you are toward them then take something of theirs then do any spell you wish to repel them and have them leave you alone. Next set fire to the thing which you took of theirs and at night throw the ashes at their front door or gate. What you have done is to take something from your enemy whom is negative and are casting a spell toleave you alone which is not doing them anything physically wrong or wishing them any harm and in fact it is a positive act because the divine spirits use it as a cue to reinforce your spell and do the actual work for you.

SURA 3: There is actually a oneness power, a power that is one force, one energy which is called nhchw-asn which means “Oneness Power.” This oneness power is the only power there is which is the God Power but when this power is divided in two it becomes negative and positive force which is then two forces. But in order the two opposing forces stay intact of the other you must have a center point in which holds the two together or a third component or side. This center point is paruh (pay-rue) and using the two points is said you are using paruh. When you use the oneness force or the divided force as one force it is actually you and you become the rava (praw-vah) of yourself, you are then the master of this force therefore if you master this craft of using the oneness force you have prava (prava means “master of the force.”) one with the force inwhich you have prava unto yourself.

(There are 47 more suras with one sura being one page long going deeper into the subject.)


The Book of Yohod:

Forward: The Book of Yohod was written by Muhu a mystic that joined Apsaras’ tribe from his village and in which became a channeler his self. The Book of Yohod was accepted by the High Council of the Hitteon Fath Tribe in 2997 BCE six years after Apsaras started his mission as one of the sacred books apart from the Q’R'Beth and was then not included in the Q’R'Beth because Apsas was not the channeler and therefore he would not accept it but it became one of the books of the massive volume known as the Kamona (cam-mon-ah) which meant “collection of unknow works” and was for years a companion to the Q’R'Beth. But twenty years later the council changed their mind and decided to reject the works and it was removed as sacred works. Then duringBaloma the First’s rein it was reinstated along with the A’Bu’L and several other works and the book of Yohod became an important book of the Hitteon Faith until it became lost in 1800 BC and has been re-channeled in 1985 AD by Aboo Dah; Fasdad through the divine spirit Yump who told Hasdad that the book of Yohod predates the Hitteon Faith and was in fact older than the Hitteon Faith on earth as it was known by the people whom lived beneath the earth proceeding Yohod first coming to earth and was named in honor of Yohod.

(There are 52 suras the the Book of Yohod which tells of the settling of the earth from space aliens.)


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holely Goat I bring the truth

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R’B'Eth’L (rah-bay-if-ill)

Forward: The R’B'Eth’L was written twenty years after Apsaras first went into the mountains for the first time and it was finished during Baloma the First’s rein as it was written over a number of years as questions were asked to the divine spirits and answers were given by them to Apsaras and Baloma as scribes recorded the questions and answers. The divine spirit (angel) Miazak conducted the sessions. R’B'Eth’L which means “also of God” was an addition to the Q’R'Beth but was mainly used as a teaching manual for caliphs rather than all of the faithful. The R’B'Eth’L was not in suras but in questions and answers only and not even numbered at the time. These questions were of the very secretive things of creation, mysteries never known or understood by man or even the advanced space travelers who discovered earth. Apsaras and Baloma wanted to know everything and they wanted answers for everything, they asked many questions over a period of many years and they wanted the answers and they got the answers. (summer 1981)

(Here is some of the questions asked and the answers given.)

Q: How many insects are on earth? A: Of the entire earth there is one hundred ertz.
Q: How many planets have humans in all creation? A: Five mega-ertz.
Q: How many creator have there been? A: Three zela.
Q: What is the name of our universe? A: Oxxkan which means “you know.”
Q: What is the size of the largest planet? A: Five thousand times larger than the earth.

(There are well over 200 questions asked and some answers take up four pages.)


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holely Goat I bring the truth

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