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I only watched the first third of God’s Warriors, but I must say I found her interviewing to have all the objectivity of Oriana Fallaci’s and the presentation to have all the depth of a Michael Moore movie.

Basically, there’s one point that God’s Jewish Warriors conveniently neglects, which is that religion and nationalism don’t correlate so straightforwardly in Israel. The politicians it brings as examples of pro-settler fighters, Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon, were both secular Jews. Conversely, Yeshayahu Leibovich, who warned that the occupation would destroy Israeli society even in the 1960s, was Haredi; he is never mentioned in the documentary. Former Knesset Speaker Avrum Burg is a yarmulke-wearing left Labor politician. Overall, orthodox Jews are underrepresented on the Israeli left and overrepresented on the right, but it’s not quite so simple as the feature makes it to be. The most religious people tend to vote for parties whose agenda is basically pork spending and that neither promote nor hinder the peace process.

Moving on to other misrepresentations, the settlers who threaten civil war are about the most hated segment of Israeli society. The average Israeli hates non-terrorist Palestinians less than he hates bat-eyed settlers. Even most settlers aren’t that crazy; as the documentary mentioned in passing, the vast majority left peacefully when compelled. What’s more, many of them aren’t in the West Bank because of ideology, but because the government has given subsidies to anyone who lives in certain favored regions, which include the settlements.

The part about American Jews was pretty redundant, I think. The revelation that Dov Hikind was a supporter of Meir Kahane was about the only thing it said that isn’t based on longstanding clich├ęs about AIPAC. In particular, Rabin neutered AIPAC 15 years ago; the organization’s power today comes from the fact that people still believe it can remove Senators who challenge it too much. Lately it’s only been able to take on lightweights like Cynthia McKinney.

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