Can Wen Jiabao improve food safety and product quality温家宝能改善产品质量和食品安全?
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China on Wednesday on a meeting attended by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao passed a draft law that demands strengthened quality standards and supervision of food amid the recent spate of safety scandals surrounding Chinese products.“Food safety and product quality should be our top priority,” Premier Wen Jiabao was quoted as saying on the government’s Web site. “It is not only an urgent task, but an arduous and long-term task.”

A nationwide investigation by China’s food quality watchdog found products such as baby milk powder, rice, flour, meat, biscuits, seafood, soy sauce and sweets had been contaminated.

Wen has to do it , responding to growing international concerns. But it will work? Nobody can say that all products made in China are bad,or good. It depends on the boss of the manufacture since the bureaucrats are corrupt and neglectful. An ambitious boss will look forward to long-term achievements, while an opportunistic one will play with fire.

Furthermore, the profit system collapses in China as they are enjoying steep profit margins. A “race to the bottom” competition drives factories in China mad!

Cardboard-stuffed buns is more difficult to supervise for it underlines people’s impoverishment. Economic oriented to the bigwigs,results in depression in rural areas and hinterlands. A large number of peasants gathere at the outskirts of large cities, Beijing has millions. Go to the outskirts ,you can see many hoked-up rented rooms, open sewers and garbage all over the floor. The displaced persons do anything they can ,but barely survive.

Not bad breakfast,such as a taiwan food chain’s ,are much more expensive. Small Breakfast purveyors ,mostly poor floating persons ,get very low profits ,from their work in the morning. Whithout training, lacking of supervision, gloomily maintaining, some people playing sly, it is inevitable?


Wen Jiabao resign for inflation物价飞涨 温家宝引咎辞职!