Invitation to populate new community
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We would like to share the inaguration of our forum today with this community, our forum basically is an open area to discuss issues regarding human trafficking and sexual explotation, but also multiple related issues like migration politics, asylum, transgender politics, atheism and more. we have put the forum two days ago online, there is no activity yet, but we invite you to populate our forums and help our community to grow.

It is a threelingual forum with multiple sections tha is part of our main website, an informative ong.

The forum interface have Spanish as a standard language, but there are complete forums in English and Dutch as well, and you can choose the language of the interface at registration.


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I’ll keep it in mind if I decide to go to one more forum but at the moment I have too many irons in the fire and not enough time to get back to my latest book I am writing “The land beneath the Giants” which will be for ages five to ten. A fantasy about lizards (the talking kind or at least for children they talk.)

But good luck on your forum and I hope you are able to achieve your goals over time.


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