We need the help and protection !!!
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Dear ladies and gentlemen!
One of the main making parts of corruption system in Ukraine is the selling corrupted refereeing.
By means of selling judges are carried out piracy and captures of tidbits: the enterprises, factories, mines, seaports .
The corrupted Ukrainian judges throw innocent people for a lattice on obviously false, marasmic and absurd charge without any occasions, the bases and proofs.
They will arrest you; will take away or will ruin your absolutely lawful business; will finish with political opponents and objectionable; will justify and will let out the inveterate criminals for bribes, under the order of the corrupted public prosecutors or under the order of selling militiamen.
They cook dirty and dark affairs together with selling corruptioners from Office of Public Prosecutor and militia.
Together they - one criminal gang, which in common and unpunishedly does the criminal business on a fabrication of custom-made, commercial criminal cases; on trade in freedom and justice. This criminal gang is untouchable in Ukraine because in Ukraine the criminal mutual responsibility operates.
They operate in coordination under the scheme: ” the Militia exhausts a victim in a stall, the public prosecutor takes it for horns, the judge - for a tail, and the lawyer - it доит “. Chances at a victim practically are not present. It will undress up to a thread or will fling in prison and will beat and пытать yet will not pay money or will force the person to sign a frank recognition, that it it has killed president John Kennedi or similar delirium.
The most terrible, that it can happen with each person in Ukraine. The person is absolutely defenceless before a selling Ukrainian Themis. The basic figure in this criminal scheme is the corrupted judge. The jury is absent in Ukraine and it is not expected in the foreseeable future. Therefore a judicial arbitrariness blossoms magnificent color.
If the person has got in dirty paws of the Ukrainian court - rescue is not present. Is better at once pay off and bear selling to the judge many dollars and if is not present it will hide you in prison. It is awful, but it is the real naked truth of the Ukrainian validity.
We are group for protection of human rights in Ukraine.
http://www.anticorrupcia.siteedit.ru/home - it is our site.
We wish to help victims of tortures and violence over militia, and also to victims of corruption of selling judges and public prosecutors. Now in Ukraine there was very heavy situation. In Ukraine the militia pursues legal experts because they prevent to make to it crimes against human rights.
But we wish to continue struggle against crimes of the corrupted militiamen, public prosecutors and judges from Ukraine. In the Europe in each city there are organizations on protection of human rights. But in Ukraine activity of such organizations is almost paralysed. It do not allow to protect human rights. The corrupted militia, Office of Public Prosecutor and courts does not perceive them seriously in Ukraine. In regions of Ukraine in general there is no serious protection of human rights.
Therefore I am compelled to address to you.
Our group is very active and constantly reveals crimes of the selling and corrupted militiamen, public prosecutors and judges in the field of human rights and freedom of speech.
They hate us for it.
The militia and Office of Public Prosecutor of Kharkov pursues us for our activity on prohibition of tortures and protection of Constitutional laws of citizens.
They beat us and try to arrest us and to fling in prison.
Therefore we very much require the help and support of the international organizations on protection of human rights.
We can and we are able to protect people.
But if there will be no your support, gangsters from militia and them improvised will kill us or will cripple.
We ask your help.
Help us with this heavy struggle.
Yours faithfully,
Van Helsing

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sounds like you guys need to reawaken The Makhnovshchina


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