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solution to bad parenting?
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I agree that a hard environment makes the thing worst for the kids, and that there are a lot of poor, pressured parents who would give a better life to their children if they could.

(By the way, it is frustrating when there is a free health care system and the people don’t use it with responsability because they lack of the education to know how to use it… complaining that the system is organized in a very unconfortable way, which may be true… but it is free. There are a lot of anecdotes here about misuse of the system, and these are commonly used by the conservatives to try to show that the universal health system is pointless. I don’t think this anecdotes can make a case against it, but they are showing a trouble.)

Looking at the reality where I live, I can see that sexual abuse is not the only kind of abuse. I am very concerned about child labour. I know that poverty is a very important factor on this (wait a minute: the middle class parents who take their childrens to every TV casting, hoping the little kid enter the show business don’t have the poverty excuse… and it is child labour), and I know the things are more dificult when you are poor, but I hardly see a reason to put your children to work, at least in the cities. Spanish poet Miguel Hernandez, in a beatiful and sad poem wondered who will brake this pervert chain of poverty-child work-lack of education-poverty. I tend to agree with him, it is mainly with their parent action that it will end. I don’t know if these parents are to blame, I tend to think they aren’t, but the main part of the solution have to come from them.

I am not claiming that this people (the poor who put their children to work on low qualified jobs or the middle class parents who bring their
kids to every TV casting) is intrinsically bad. I am trying to point out that sometimes the resource and the facilities alone are not
enough, a certain level education and conscience is needed.

In case you don’t know the poem ‘The plowboy’, here is a translation. I don’t tend to enjoy poetry, but Miguel Hernández is very worth to read.

Flesh for the yoke, he was born,
more humble than handsome
with his neck pursued
by the yoke for his neck

Born like the tools,
destined for the blows
of a discontent land
and an unsatisfied plow

Amid the pure and strong dung,
of cattle, he brings to the life
an olive-colored soul,
old already and callused

He begins to live and begins
to die from top to bottom
lifting that crust
of his mother with the team.

He begins to feel and feels
this life as if it were a war
and he strikes wearily
against the bones of the earth

He cannot count his years
and yet he knows that sweat
is a grave crown
of salt for the laborer

He works and while he works
masculinely serious
he is anoitened with rain and arrayed
with flesh of the cementery

By the force of his blows, strong
And by the force of the sun, burnished
he tears with death-like ambition
a hard-won loaf of bread.

Each new day he is
more root, less child,
for he hears under his feet
the voice of the grave.

And like the root he sinks
into the ground slowly
so the earth is flooded
with peace and his brow with bread

This hungry child hurts me
like a tremendous thorn
and his ashen life
disturbs my oaken soul

I see him plow the stubble,
and devour a scrap of bread
and declare with his eyes
that his flesh is for the yoke

His plow strikes me in the heart
and his life in my throat
and I suffer seeing the fallow
so large beneath his sole.

Who will save this little boy
smaller than a grain of oats?
Where will the hammer come from,
that executioner of this chain?

Let it come from the heart
of these day-laboring men
who before becoming men are
and have been plowboy.

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best way to teach kids to be good: give them guns!

the parents will have to do one hell of a good job to keep a six year old from blasting folks away.

that actually sounds like a good idea. im going to write my congressman…


“Unsustainable systems can’t be sustained.” ~ Robert Jensen

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Guns? What for? Your parents don’t let you watch TV? Call 911 and tell the police that your parents are abusing you. Kids do that. Let’s not forget that even children are, after all, only humans.

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I want my three year old to be strapped…


“Unsustainable systems can’t be sustained.” ~ Robert Jensen

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