Crimes against humanity by the United States of America?
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The genocide of the Native Indians aside, how about the Atlacatl Battalion being trained by US Special Forces in El Salvador in March of 1981?

15 specialists in counterinsurgency were sent to El Salvador from the US Army School of Special Forces. A US trainer described its soldiers as “particularly ferocious…We’ve always had a hard time getting them to take prisoners instead of ears.” According to a deserter, draftees were made to kill dogs and vultures by biting their throats and twisting off their heads, and had to watch as soldiers tortured and killed suspected dissidents…

The results of Salvadoran military training are graphically described in the Jesuit journal America by Daniel Santiago, a Catholic priest working in El Salvador. He tells of a peasant woman who returned home one day to find her three children, her mother and her sister sitting around a table, each with its own decapitated head placed carefully on the table in front of the body, the hands arranged on top “as if each body was stroking its own head.”

The U.S. supports such regimes to make sure the Central Americas capitulate to American exploitation of their resources and cheap labor. Any “dissident democracy” the people try to establish will result in these kinds of U.S. supported death-squads quelling their dissent to American imperialism and exploitation. And there are many more stories besides Latin American exploitation. Don’t forget the Monroe doctrine, mind you.