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top 10 scary movies
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misfit of joy - 12 October 2007 05:21 PM

I just watched 28 weeks later and thought that was a really insightful and creative way to make a horror movie.  The army human body count is probably higher than the zombies. I can’t think of anther horror movie that intelligently raises political concerns but still gives you a good zombie movie.

I didn’t like that movie at all.

The only thing I thought about while watching the movie was a oxymoron I had once heard before.
That is, military intelligence.
What kind of inept military group allows the “control” or “safe” group of people to become contaminated by an outside contaminated population so easily?

Do you remember the part of the movie I am talking about?

I am talking about the part where the non-contaminated people are put in some lower level room(s) basically and a contaminated person (zombie) literally WALKS IN THROUGH A OPEN DOOR into the room(s) with the non-contaminated people.

Horrible Horrible decontamination plan.

Basically they made the worst mistake possible, they let the entire safe population of people become contaminated by the zombie population.

You would think they would have taken the entire situation more seriously and learned something from the first movie. Guess not.

To contribute to the thread, I would say:
The Fly - The first one. That guy just gets uglier and uglier and when you think it cant get worse he gets even uglier.
Children of the Corn - Scary children scare me.
Sublime - Maybe not so much scary as just flat out bizarre.
Battle Royale - Subtitled and has a awesome premise. Scary because I fear not being able to trust anyone.


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For horror movies, I thought “the cell” with jennifer Lopez was not bad. I’ts not really a horror movie but that “monster"whoever created him is a master in the field. Also, Hostel is really gruesome. I wouldn’t watch it again, it’s just too much.

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