mysterious goat that eats chid,hen and sippers
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It is possibe for an individual to have a dual personality- one as a human being and the other as an animal. And that such an individual can turn to such an animal at will at anytime through magical powers.”
These were the words of IYA OPEYEMI(OPEYEMI’ S MOTHER), an Hairdresser who lives at house Number46A Jagun -Adado street, Modakeke,Ile- Ife,Osun state in reaction to questions thrown at her on what she felt concerning the attack on her 5-year-od daughter by a female goat which was reported to have not only eaten-up a hen, a rubber slippers but had also attempted eaten-up little OPEYEMI BOARINWA on Tuesday, 30 October,2007.
Opeyemi Boarinwa,the little girl who was attacked and almost eaten up by the ‘mysterious goat’ attends THE APOSTOLIC CHURCH PRIMARY SCHOOL,Jagun Adado Street and is in cass 2. On her way home after running an errand for her mother on the said day,the ‘mysterious goat’ pursued her and caught up with her. The goat, which most residents of the area said had earlier that day eaten a rubber sippers after killing a hen and eaten it with the feathers, had wanted to kill and eat the ittle girl as it was reported to have started bitting the little girl’s hand. It took the intervention of neighbours and friends to rescue the gir from the mouth of the goat.Even after colecting the girl from its mouth, the goat was said to have chased the woman who made the call for help.
It was gathered that youth in the area were those who put an end to incident which may have led to another mayhem by stoning the goat to death .An old man, it was gathered showed up at the scene to plead that the goat be left aone because he knew the owner. His promise to go get the owner was not fulfilled and the youth there saw it as an evidence to prove that the old man may be the owner of the goat.
However, after the goat died , it was reported to have risen up again after another goat came to snif on it. This onlookers said it was a proof that the goat had magical powers. But those there quicky put an end to it by hitting it dead with pestle.
Humanists Without Borders was at the scene of the incident. we tried to educate those there including mother and child that our word is being guided by natural aws and not supernatura forces. Even though we were unable to provide answers to why and how a goat wous suddeny start eaten up slippers, hen and human,we were however happy that at least some agrred to our point of view that there is nothing mysterious about the goat and there is nobody that an turn his or hersef into an animal.
pease find attached pictures taken. you may want to pubish it in your local pubications or web.
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iya ope and little opeyemi boarinwa             themysterious goat after it had beenkilled
pose for a pix

little opyemi boarinwa poses for
picture after being interviewed by me.

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The scary thing is that goats can carry and transmit rabies, which can lead to bizarre aggressive behavior. I hope someone in this place recognized this as a risk. Are there facilities for testing the goat post-mortem? Health services to treat and monitor the child? Is rabies a health issue among livestock or wildlife in this area? If the goat was rabid, this can quite easily be fatal to this little girl.


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