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Michael Behe - The Edge of Evolution (Nov-9-07)
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I just got to the POI interview by Grothe with Behe and by a (probably not divinely designed smile  ) strange co-incidence, I’m listening to the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast discussing Behe’s ideas now.

The irreducibly complexity argument has been refuted so many times and so thoroughly, that it is amazing that an educated person can still put it forward with a straight face.  Behe claims not to dispute the scientific evidence for the age of the earth, but still clings to this old IC chestnut as if he doesn’t understand large numbers and the great depths of time over which all the observed biological complexity has evolved.  I guess some people are really attached to their “mother” religion and will go through any mental acrobatics necessary to defend it.

Grothe rightly pointed out that Behe’s arguments are basically the old god of the gaps idea and have no credibility among the overwhelming majority of scientists who actually produce peer reviewed studies.


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