The 11th Annual Houdini Seance
Posted: 26 November 2007 05:48 PM   [ Ignore ]
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A thoroughly enjoyable program…the history was fascinating.

For those who have never heard Houdini’s voice, I have an MP3 of Houdini (an Edison recording, done on Oct 29, 1914), announcing an offer of $1000 to anyone who can prove that Houdini can obtain air inside his famed Water Torture Cell.

This was downloaded off a link from one of the JREF’s SWIFT newsletters, if I recall.

I don’t believe there are any restrictions on passing it around.

I have no webspace at this time to store it for downloads. If someone wishes to make this available to the public, let me know—it’s a 1.3 Mb mp3, so wouldn’t take up much space.

Email me if you’re interested in ‘hosting’ this.