The ongoing currents and cross-currents in Pakistani politics
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Seen from the current political happenings in Pakistan, one may have enough stuff to say that after the sudden departure of Mrs Benazir Bhutto as caused by her assasaination, the Pakistani politics has entered into a phase of volatile, emotional and aggressive politics. The Pakistan’s people’s party’s leadership, as well as its die hard workers have been casting doubts about the governmental/ official stand regarding the cause of death of Mrs Bhutto insofar as the PPP leadership highly questions the security arragements provided by the government to the late Mrs Bhutto. Although, President Pervez Musharraf’s goverment has now solicited the help of Scotland yard with regard to the investigations about Mrs Bhutto’s assasaination, the feelings of discontent yet prevails in the PPP. On the otherhand, as the scheduled eclection have already been postponed from Jan 8 to Feb 18, there are emerging indications that in the aftermath of Mrs Bhutto’s death, the public poll in Sindh rural, Punjab Rural, some limited parts in NWFP province and also in Baluchistan province roughly and merely is to be positively seen in favour of Pakistan people’s party’s favour. There may be the governmental claim that the PPP may possibly secure sympathy- votes from the people, yet the core fact is that in the Province of Punjab and Sindh the goverment will try its best to get its edege over the PPP’s lead in those provinces thereby adocating the manifesto of Muslim league- Q in the respective constituencies wherein the PPP and the Government’s party MUslim League- Q’ candidates will be in face to face contest.The story is not yet finished here,the party of Ex premier Mr Nawaz Sharif- the Muslim League-N would also give tough time to the regime’s party- the Muslim League- Q in the province of Punjab- the epicentre of would be elections’ result. There are seemingly chances that in the NWFP province the relious party of Mualan Fazal- ur-Rehman’s Jamiat-ulmaie-Islam and the Qazi Hussian Ahmad’s Jamat-e- Islami would take lead in the coming elections. And, of course, the elections result in Baluchistan would be a mixture of opposites. Despite the fact that political fever of the elections is getting its high zenith. much debate in the public is being heated about the transparency of the elections- the bedrock of installing the forces of liberal and true democracy. The Musharraf’s regime has a great questiom mark about rectifying the oppostion parties’ scepticism about the fate of fair, transparent and impartial elections.

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What is your feeling about the different candidates who might run for president? What is the difference you see between them?



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I too am greatly concerned about the transparency of the election process in any country (the US included). 

I am curious how you feel about external influences on your political system.  Financing of various aspects of your military, economic and humanitarian organizations from countries such as the US, China, Saudi Arabia must have an impact on the people that we cannot see clearly from a distance.  In what regard do these influences effect the election process?

On another note, much has been made of an utterance by Mrs Benazir Bhutto, in an interview with David Frost.  I believe it was a statement made in error, however, there are a great many people here in the united states that see it as yet another basis for conspiracy theory.  I have pointed out a contradictory statement she made in an interview, on CNN,  the very next day, where she was asked if Pakistan government officials had any knowledge of the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden, and she indicated that she did not feel that they did.  In any case, I wonder what you hear there in Pakistan regarding speculation around Bin Laden (dead or alive?).

Nice to have you here, speaking for myself, I am very grateful to have representatives in this forum from other parts of the world.  I’m sure there are others here who feel as I do.


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