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Atheist Actually Enjoys Christian Song on Radio
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I was interested in your mention of the the band Casting Crow because they (their name) sounded kind of rock-ish (rock, nu-metal specifically, being what I’m into these days) but I could only find Casting Crowns or Counting Crows and I wasn’t aware the latter were religious.

See, I meant to say Casting Crowns and missed the n.  This is what people whom know me call an “Elisa Moment”. Definition: When really smart people do/say/write really dumb/silly things cheese

But on topic, the words of their songs are very well written… but then again sermons can be well written too and i find much of christian music reads like a sermon.  Another group that examples this is Kutlass.  When I actually started reading the lyrics without the music, it was interesting to see how it was written and the language used but often gets overlooked for the flow of the melody.


I’m sorry, were you dissing Canada? I couldn’t hear you over my free health care….

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advocatus - 24 March 2008 06:30 AM

You had me going for a minute there.  Then I noticed that the article is from a satirical newletter, “the West Michigan version of The Onion”.

But seriously, I kind of like the Christian song, “I Can Only Imagine”.  Every time I heard it, I think that’s right, you CAN only imagine Jesus, ‘cause he’s not real.  wink


I loooooooooooove that song, I love it when he takes off like a P-38 in around the last 3rd of the song, ahhhhhh. And he has such beeeauuuutiful sounding voice.

...and you folks are not being realistic here, you like christian music but you criticise the very people who created it. That doesn’t make sense. give’em some credit.

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