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Those whom first enter to pull the rest of the naturalists and scientist to transcend onto anothers linier plane should they be that of the same character as to say beleive in the same thing as faith or religion or do those that say ok kelly your in first .do they know the truth that they are not of the same and do this only to make shur that know one who goes in first has what normal people consider compassion for one they are intruding upon and after they give their veiw of graphic visaul aids. Are they more tainted then the poor rabbit they just imposed upon or better yet is this done these secular based societies and religous groups continue to be on the same path or in the same bed . as they do not have the laws as some would have you think . Do you need thee physical torture of waterboarding or other, to get the return of the emotional psychological torture as it is practiced in the world today or do you need the faith healers, mediums and the use of transcending to impose graphic visaul aids both of which have the same cause and effect how can one say they have only the best intentions to do this on someone who cant defend themselves and turn around at the same time and claim country ,religion or are they knowingly breaking the same law , truth of which the same book they took their oath on how can one cause these push or pull in the private level to heal the rabbit. then for the company do these things to the opposite to bring an objective to his or her knees praying for the law to pertect them when the company is the ones performing this torture to the rabbit in the first place