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Global Warming Scandal
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I think you misunderstand me, I think global warming is real, I think we (humans) have had a part in what is happening. We may be pushing a downhill roller coasted a little faster, or changed the direction of the track, that is the part I am not certain of. What ever is going on does not bode well for future political stability.

We have been dependent on fossil fuels for far too long,and we have the technology to move past this dependence on oil.I don’t believe that the corn ‘biofuel’ is the answer. It has more problems than it can solve, and I think that at this point it is not efficient enough to use, although it should be explored more thoroughly. I am a strong proponent of solar energy use, where it is feasible, and I think we are going to have to eventually look at nuclear energy. We will also have to think outside of the box and think of some other solutions to our ‘dirty energy’.

I’m very concerned about the success of the rapture books preaching the end of the world who think that this is ‘god’s will’ that the earth become uninhabitable for humans—bring on Armageddon, they of course will be going to heaven!


Church; where sheep congregate to worship a zombie on a stick that turns into a cracker on Sundays…

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