Anything going on in Frederick, Maryland?
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Maybe I’m not looking in the right places, but it would be nice to see more anti-theist / pro-secular humanist / etc. functions happening in Maryland.  I live in Maryland, and for the life of me, I feel like I’m the only person around who sees religion as an assualt on common sense!  I’m hoping that more people get the message out and get invoved.  I think back to when I went to go see The DaVinci Code… There were religious zealots walking up and down the roads to and from the movie theaters w/ pro-religion (read anti-common sense) signs with all sorts of ridiculous messages.  Why can we not have a louder voice and more public outreach?  Why can we not have a “church” in most ways just like a regular church, only one that operates w/ a secular humanist ideolgy instead?  Just my $0.02

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You could check out
Beltway Atheists
or MD Atheist Outreach