Genocidal Monster or Alternative Healer?
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Radovan Karadzic managed to hide from Interpol for years disguised as an alternative and spiritual healer. I am struck by the fact that his training in psychiatry seems to have prepared him for both careers, as a genocidal monster and a CAM practitioner. They both seem to require primarily the ability to convince people to act on the basis of lies and utter nonsense.


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Good catch, Brennen, I noticed the same oddity. Karadzic, a practitioner of “alternative medicine”? How ironic.



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Perhaps he is just desperate to try and make a living to make ends meet having ‘retired’ as a country’s president.

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If a person is hiding, being a psychic or healer might be a good way to stay hidden. Quick easy money - just set up a booth. A business you can take to any city while on the run. Clients that pay in cash. Plus, you can wear silly eccentric costumes to keep anyone from recognizing you.


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Heh..that would be a pretty funny conversation with one of his patients…

“Wait, sir, isn’t that a gun?”
“Gun? No, dis is no gun. Is spirit releaser.”
“But, but, those are bullets!!”
“No. No boolet. Is happy pill.”


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It does emphasize a lesson we learned from the Nazis - monsters live amongst us.