Urgent!!! Constitutional activist Mike Newdow needs your help!
Posted: 17 February 2009 10:42 AM   [ Ignore ]
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If you haven’t heard, Constitutional activist Mike Newdow wants to add 1000 new plaintiffs to his lawsuit to prevent future religious corruption of Presidential Inauguration ceremonies, and the deadline for his next filing is this coming Sunday, Feb. 22!
If you are interested in learning about the case, and how to become a plaintiff, please go to our updated website at
(or the initial site http://1000plaintiffsformikenewdow.blogspot.com/ )
If you know all about Mike’s case, Newdow v. Roberts, and are ready to submit your personal “declaration” and become a plaintiff, go directly to here for a template (it’s easy):
Most importantly, could you PLEASE forward this to any and all organizations, friends and acquaintances who may be interested in joining this suit?  Parents of young children (14 and under) are especially needed, but all are welcome.
Here’s the original press release from the Freedom From Religion Foundataion from last Friday:


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