CFI Students in Florida say hi
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I’d like to greet everyone on behalf of Center for Inquiry at Broward College, and soon to be SMART, a CFI-related club at Florida Atlantic University.

We’ve been here on campus at BC for about a year and a half and have some of the most kickass people around - we brought James Randi a few months ago, and have done a few other things on campus. We’re soon to be hosting some JREF folks to perform a homeopathic “overdose” on campus, which is sure to raise a lot of attention. This group is rabidly enthusiastic about activism for CFI’s goals, so I hope participation in this forum can prove fruitful for all of us.

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Welcome, Broward.  Great to hear of an active group, especially in Florida.  Let’s hope you raise the conciousness of some of the theists there.  Those of us who are ancient fuds, and living in pretty liberal areas no longer have the energy that you younger people do to get involved in stirring up things, but we may be able to spark some ideas. 


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Great! Glad to hear about your group, CFIBroward. Welcome to the forum!



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