Humorous CFI Subscription Offer
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SI and FI separately cost $19.98 apiece.  But in this special offer, if you order them together, you get both for $39.94, a savings of….


WOOHOO!  What a deal!

(of course, it’s a good deal at twice the price, but who were the ad wizards who thought up THAT deal? 


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Savings galore!

You know, that IS pretty funny!

On a barely related note, I used to buy about 3 issues of Rolling Stone a year.  Last year I saw an ad at the bottom of a page for a “Lifetime Subscription” (actually 50 years) for only $99—the savings are incalculable!  It’s pretty amazing for about 26 issues a year.  So now I have a lifetime subscription, apparently, unless I live past the age of 75.  I can’t even keep up with reading them, but at least they’ll be there for me, wherever I go, for 49 more years.  Wow.

I like those ads for National Geographic and Nature that I get, or the Chronicle of Higher Education.  “Subscribe now at our special Professional rate and save hundreds off the newsstand price!”  It would be funnier if it said “Save two cents now ($.02) by ordering a two year subscription!”

There’s usually an enclosed letter from a famous person, and the letter will say, “Read this if you decide “No”!”  Once I got a subscription solicitation from (I think) the Advocate, a gay/lesbian issues mag.  The solicitation had a letter from Eric McCormack, who plays Will on “Will and Grace”.  The letter began with, “I’m not a gay man, but I play one on TV.”  Priceless.  I put the letter on my fridge, it was that funny to me.