Skeptic Zone In Melbourne, Australia with Young Aust Skeptics
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Melbourne University, 30th May - The Skeptic Zone podcast presents, thanks to the Young Australian Skeptics!

Richard Saunders, who you may have heard presenting with DJ Grothe at Dragon*Con will be presenting wth ‘Skepticism 101’ (in fact, you can check out Richard torturing poor DJ with some musk sticks in this video… - feel free to ask him about how much fun Dragon*Con was!)

Dr Rachael Dunlop, of the popular “Dr Rachie Reports” segment will be presenting on “Adventures of a Scientist in an Alternative Medicine world“.

Thanks to the support of the Vic Skeptics and the Young Australian Skeptics, this will be at Melbourne University (probably around late afternoon) and will feature an additional after-show get-together at one of the nearby hotel venues. Here’s hoping we can start networking, building dialogue amongst Sydney and Melbourne - and get more listeners for all of our shows and attendees for our activities!

Oh, and if you have a few extra dollars floating around just aching for a good cause, we would sincerely appreciate help with raising funds for our plane tickets. Even if you can chuck 20 bucks our way, it all helps a group of dedicated volunteers, doing our best to spread the word of science and reason. (There’s a paypal button on our website). and http://www.


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