The Reason Project and BioLogos
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“How Much Reason Do You Want?”
By Philip Ball May 17, 2009.
Print: Nature

“The 50th anniversary of C. P. Snow’s famous ‘Two Cultures’ lecture has elicited mixed views. Some feel that the divide between the sciences and the humanities is as broad and uncomfortable as it was in 1959; others say the world has moved on. But perhaps we need instead to acknowledge that today’s divisions exist between two quite different cultures.

“To my mind, the most problematic of these is the distinction between those who believe in the value of knowledge and learning, whether artists, scientists, historians or politicians, and those who reject, even denigrate, intellectualism in world affairs.”


“This debate now tends to cluster into two camps. One, exemplified by the Reason Project, insists that science and religion are fundamentally incompatible, and that the world ain’t big enough for the both of them. The other side is exemplified by another recently launched project, the BioLogos Foundation, established by the former leader of the Human Genome Project, Francis Collins. In this view, science and religion can and should make their peace: there is no reason why they cannot coexist. The mission statement of BioLogos speaks of “America’s escalating culture war between science and faith”, and explains that the foundation “emphasizes the compatibility of Christian faith with what science has discovered about the origins of the universe and life”.

“BioLogos is funded by the Templeton Foundation, which similarly seeks to identify common ground between science and religion. To the militant atheists, this is sheer appeasement.”