Humanism and Meaning - essays by Lawrence Rifkin
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I recently published several essays in Free Inquiry magazine exploring the intersection of humanism, science, and meaning.  The essays examine ways that humanism and science can inform and inspire a sense of human meaning.  They propose a positive and passionate understanding of human meaning in the context of naturalism and reason.  The articles are “Evolutionary Humanism for a New Era” (June/July 2008), “Humanism, Meaning, and Wonder” (Oct/Nov 2008), and “Sublime Naturalism” (Aug/Sept 2009).  This forum represents an opportunity to develop these ideas further.  I welcome discussion and feedback.

Lawrence Rifkin

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I wish you could post the “meaning of humanism” essays.
I don’t always have access to back issues of magazines.

Or maybe you could post the URL links to the articles if they are on line.


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That would be nice, but not all the articles in Free Inquiry are online, which is bad if you don’t get Free Inquiry.  I get it, but that isn’t much help for those who don’t.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember reading those articles. I’ll have to back in my collection and pull out those issues to read them (again).  They sound like great articles and I can’t imagine not reading them.


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