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Environmental Philosohy’s Challenge to Humanism
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abruzzo - 07 December 2009 11:02 AM

I don’t see where the Stalin reference has any relevance to this discussion. The premise has been that Atheists have run away with Humanism and bastardized its original meaning.  This is wholly untrue.  That Stalin was an Atheist neither supports or detracts from this premise.

It serves to indicate how damaging it is to see atheist equated with Humanism. Extreme cases are useful this way.

Humanism is an nontheist belief system.  It rejects belief in traditional gods.  In the Humanist Manifesto II it even warns against trying to incorporate traditional theistic religions into Humanism.

I believe a Humanist is capable of sorting out their own minds sufficently to keep their gender, politics, religion and enthusiasms distinct . 

Saying there are too many Humanists that are Atheists is like saying there are too many Christians (or Muslims or Jews or Hindus, etc…) who are Theists.  It is part of the Humanist religion to be a nontheist (Atheist or Agnostic) just as it is part of those other religions to believe in god.

Humanism is not seen as being a religion, BTW (yet). If you would wish it to be a religion, here’s how to do it right:


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