Catholic Church Tenders Sainthood Offering to Recruit Gays, Up the Ante to Anglicans?
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While the Catholic Church deems it appropriate to now make a saint out of Cardinal John Henry Newman who was famous as a leading and outspoken convert from the Anglican Church and very successful recruiter of more such converts, at the same time the pending saint was famously buried at his own request in the same grave as “the greatest love of his life” who happened to be another man.  Gays are now upset that as part of this process by the Catholic Church, the good Cardinal’s body will be removed from it’s previously eternal resting place and they would apparently prefer that he be accepted into sainthood, as, where is.  A reasonable request, all things considered.

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I didn’t know digging them up and burying them at another location was part of the process of sainthood.  Is it believed he would be a better gay saint if he remained in place?


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