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Nurses and woo
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Jules - 31 January 2010 04:05 PM

Asanta, you need to start a skeptic nursing society! It would have an annual week-long meeting (somewhere tropical) where nurses could get REAL continuing ed credits. Membership would include an awesome skeptic nurse newsletter with watchdog articles on bogus nurse woo and praise for non-woo happenings. Members would get the honor of putting the skeptic nurse logo on their resume. They’d get a cool membership button and t-shirt. And your chief administrative officer would be me of course, so I could help organize and join you at the annual tropical vacation… er… I mean tax-deductible educational learning seminar. (Which would end promptly at 5:00 p.m. each day so everyone could get fruity drinks with umbrellas at the pool-bar.)


Hahaha, I am trying to convince Dr. Steven Novella to do the same at TAM. I can go there and write it off on my taxes! I promise I won’t have too much fun lol!


Church; where sheep congregate to worship a zombie on a stick that turns into a cracker on Sundays…

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That’s hilarious, I never thought there are some nurses that act like that. Maybe its because instead of understanding the concept they memorized things. Dont you think? And when you memorize things, when you forget a single part, you have a great possibility of forgetting the entire thing.

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