Getting MSW - want to use/promote freethought
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I didn’t know where to put this, but the social issues area seemed to be most relevant.

I will be attending grad school starting this fall to get a Master’s in Social Work.  At this point I am torn as to which area to go in to.  I would like to either be in an area that really needs a freethought/rational perspective or my dream job would be to promote freethought professionally.  I’ve thought about either focusing on the addictions area, and work for a Secular Organization for Sobriety, and promote a spirituality/religion-free recovery program.  I’ve also considered going into the administrative area and working for an org like CFI or Secular Coalition for America’s 10 member orgs doing outreach and advocacy. 

Any ideas?  There is probably no objective answer to where rational thinking/freethought is needed most.  But it would be nice to hear from others who may have similar aspirations or currently be in such careers where you get to promote freethought or a secular lifestyle.

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Well, depending on where you’ll be, you may want to contact a local CFI center and see if they need volunteers. It’s a good way to get your foot in the door and learn about what’s going on.



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