Hallucinogens Have Doctors Tuning In Again
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As a retired clinical psychologist, Clark Martin was well acquainted with traditional treatments for depression, but his own case seemed untreatable as he struggled through chemotherapy and other grueling regimens for kidney cancer. Counseling seemed futile to him. So did the antidepressant pills he tried.

Nothing had any lasting effect until, at the age of 65, he had his first psychedelic experience. He left his home in Vancouver, Wash., to take part in an experiment at Johns Hopkins medical school involving psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient found in certain mushrooms.

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Hmmm. It’s hard to imagine how objective, repeatable effects could be elicited by a substance which in recreational use elicits such notoriously unpredictable and essentially subjective experiences. And the design and endpoints of the study seem a bit vague. It’s not clear from the JH website wat exactly they’re looking at, other than the overall experience. Still, it is true that the experiences people report with these drugs often sound indistinguishable from deep “spiritual” experiences people report having, so it would be interestng to see how such elicited experiences compare and what features they might ave in common across individuals and cultures and so on. It sounds, at least, like they’re trying to be careful and avoid the mistakes of the previous generations’ “scientific” experimentation with hallucinogens.

Thnaks for the link.


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