Summer COnference for CFI’s 10th Anniversary
Posted: 18 July 2006 04:03 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Well, there wasn’t a topic started yet and I wanted to let others know that I would like to get info from everyone who attended and if you are all able to put in a link to your group’s site, that would be great! We could all keep our interest in each other and encourage each other as we all progress and stumble along the way in order to get back up and keep on truckin! I’m a very grateful atheist for CFI’s donation and grants for getting me out there and giving me a good outlet into what is going on in our nation’s capuses. I wish everyone luck and support and I do hope we all keep in touch to get the Campus Campaign well underway so we can really kick off this nationwide event! Thanks so much CFI!! I will keep up to date on everything I learned!

here’s my site’s forum. Feel free to check it out and leave your two cents!


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