Ian Fortey Mocks Three Psychic Hotlines
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And hilarity ensues.


My favorite lines:
“Our specialty is dumbfuckery.”
“Sure, you could sit on a hill with a dude’s nose in your ear but what the fuck would that prove?  We got psychics, yo.”
And the best one of all:
“I even briefly considered calling Montel Williams’s personal harpy Sylvia Browne but fear of her $850 price tag and the fact she might recognize my voice and try to eat me if I ever cross her bridge one day kept me away.”

I looked them up, and yes they are all real hotlines/websites.
Psychic Center (This one has like six different urls that redirect to it or slightly different mirror sites)
Psychic Power Network (I like this one’s ‘Psychic Code of Conduct’.  Classy.)

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