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I live in a strange system. Not too sure why I wound up here, but after looking around the world a little bit I have come to a sad realization. Capitolism is the best system we have come up with. Suppoes I am lucky to have been raised in it then (I sure as shit would not have wanted to grow up in the middle east).

So what about a system people didn’t come up with. Might makes right. That is life, and no matter how complex people make themselves out to be, we are all alive and are bound by those laws. Real laws, laws that men did not lay claim to. This message is a silent declaration of war. I live in Canada, and in this country the governments ethos includes, almost primarily, outlawing self defense, and self reliance. Canada is a republic socialism, the polititions who have never had a blister, who have eaten our food, bought themselves four thousand dollar suits with our money, tell us that we do not have the right to defend ourself. And more importantly, that redistributing wealth to themselves is as unavoidable as death, so just lie back and take it.

You do not have the right to challenge, and I disagree with that position. Of course, I suppose you do; secretaries and paperwork, but it is not fighting a system if you are using it, and you will never defeat a beauracracy with paperwork. I do not recognize any fancy hat, or lappel pin, as a mystical badge to do as they please. If an armed man seeks to take me hostage I will fight back to the absolute best of my ability. Life is bound by certain laws. As is capitolism. I have paid for every meal, every pleasure, everything I have consumed or partaken of in this society. That is my contribution to the system we have in place, but some lazy fatass in a suit claims the right to tax everything you buy, everything you own, everything you earn, everything you save, and you don’t question it.

Oh sure, you do question it. I hear you too, mumbling under your breath walking out of the supermarket. The problem is that we allow it to stop there. Of course, it is kinda hard to think about doing something. There are these guys with hats and firearms that can do whatever they like to you (fortunatly most of them follow some strange catch and release sporting rules that will leave you poorer and only slightly hurt and indignified but great for a photo), and these are the only represenitives of ‘authority’ you see. Well, them and secretaries with hundreds of pages of paperwork and thousands of ways to make certain you never deal with anyone who claims to be important. After all, they can’t prove they are, they will have to deal wih more of the same, much better to golf and let the secretaries do what you pay them for. That, and that thing with the ear.

We are docile, complacent… weak. Spending hours sitting in front a television, computer monitor, book, hot spanish chick, or any other immediate distraction. It is very important you don’t think about taxes, that you don’t question it, that you don’t know what your nieghbor pays, that you do things becasue they are law. That is the real problem. If I am driving down a highway I would put a seatbelt on because that is the intelligent thing to do. I don’t need a fucking law telling me to, if I drive fast without a seatbelt that would be its own punishment. Again, real laws, not these phoney man made ones. It isn’t ‘put on your setbelt or I am gonna give you a ticket’ by which they really mean ‘inventive tax collection,’ no, in the real world it is ‘put on your seatbelt or you are far more likely to sustain serious and potentional lethal injuries.’ It is insulting, infuriating, that this ass hole in a hat feels it is his right (and thanks to his gun you can’t disagree) to play hall monitor on our highways while you are trying to actually go build, create, extract, produce, service something, you know, work, the stuff that makes a capitolism actually work.

I will wager that if we fire every police officer, and put a rifle in every home, crime would drop to one tenth of what it is today, after an immediate spike as the dumber ones are taught the hazards of attempting to victimise armed people. You are supposed to feel helpless. Hear a noise at night? Better call the police. Call nine one one, isn’t that always the answer? Heaven forbids you deal with an intruder in proper manner. If an animal is sneaking into your sanctuary you need to kill it for your own protection. And I include humans as animals, because once again, there are laws, and there are laws. Instead they claim you are in the wrong for defending self and home. That is bullshit.

But I digress, the point of this letter is to state on an easily traceable medium, that I disagree with the system and will not tolerate the intolerable. We are humans second, and alive first, and one of the laws of reality is might makes right. If a man attempts to use lethal force to subdue me to his will, I will do my best to retaliate quicker, better. Goverment is a lie, it is an illusion used by people to trick you into feeding them, to protect you from other people who would do the same. I am responsible for my own well being, and I do not need a nanny that taxes me without even changing my diaper.

I will defend myself with my life, as it should be.


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Answered paragraph by paragraph.

1. Be sure you understand that capitalism is an economic system, not a political or social system.  It is very efficient at innovation and production, however, the single goal of capitalist organizations is to make a profit.  Ethics are a strong handicap in competition, so strong laws must be written to substitute for ethics in this economic system.

2. You are confusing flaws in the people you elected with flaws in the system.  Your (the citizens’) job is to elect honest, competent legislators.  And ‘republic’ is a political not economic system, just as socialism is a social, not economic system.   

3. The function of every person, in a suit or not, as a legislator or not, is to produce value.  If you find someone is a parasite or predator, it should be your job to vote him/her out of that position.  Of course you pay taxes.  How the hell do you think roads, schools, libraries, the police, fire, health, military, judicial, record keeping, etc. services get paid for?  And you haven’t paid for the road construction before you were born and schools that you used as a child.  You’ve gotten a great many things that you haven’t paid for.   

4. I haven’t any idea of what you’re rambling about in this paragraph. 

5. If you skid on ice and hit someone who’s not wearing a seat belt, he can still sue you for his injuries.  While I’d prefer that not wearing it absolves everyone else of liability, but he can always claim that he had it on.  By making it a law, dumb jerks are much more likely to buckle up even if they are too stupid to realize why it’s a good idea.

6. That’s a bet I’d be willing to take.  Criminals would focus on a) children, b) the elderly and infirm, c) single women.  They’d learn that rather than face someone who’s armed, you just shoot to kill first, then rob the corpse.  Nerve gasses are relatively easy to make.  A criminal could just release some of it on the windward side of a home, wait an hour or two for it to air out, then go in and rob the place at his leisure, just being sure to step over the bodies of the family members. 

7. Very infantile view.  We are social animals.  We get more benefit from working together than from competing.  If you think you could prevail against a gang of well trained, well armed thieves you have far more ego than rationality. 



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