"Hej" from Denmark
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Hi, i’m a young guy from Denmark… I would like to tell a little about my country

"Of the religions in Denmark, the most prominent is the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark which is the official state religion. Other faiths include Roman Catholics and Muslims. In general, Danes are not very religious, with church attendance being generally low. According to a 2005 study by Zuckerman, Denmark has the third-highest proportion of atheists and agnostics in the world, 43-80%.

With the exception of the Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs (and only some of them), you will not generally find politicians using religious rhetoric and arguments, especially not government ministers. The Christian Democrats is the only major political party which regularly uses religious rhetoric and arguments and their influence is very low with only around 2% of voters backing them." - wiki

back two years ago, I went to USA as an exchange student (16 years at the time) I went to florida and I had a great time, I noticed how much more religion there was…

I love science, and I hope to one day become a nanotech engineer or bio,chem…

(Selling out my parents)
My parents are atheist too smile but they do belive in ghosts… a shame but can’t do much about it

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Hi Nirah and welcome. It’s great to have someone here from Denmark!

Re. religion in the US, yes, I’m afraid it’s much more prevalent here (and throughout Latin America) than in Europe. But that said, there are very great differences between religion in the southern US and in New York City, the west coast, or even New England.  The southern US (the “bible belt” as it’s called) is much more openly, overtly and conservatively religious than we are here ...

But throughout all the country there is very little stomach for criticizing religion in general. That is something that has to change, even as we continue to allow freedom of religious belief.

Best of luck to you in your pursuit of science!



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Hi Nirah,
Welcome to the CFI Forums.
You’ll find many science articles in the Science/Technology forum. I wrote one on Astrobiology that you would probably find interesting.
I had no idea that there were so many atheists and agnostics in Denmark.                I’ll be watching for more posts from you.