2nd Annual SF Atheist film festival
Posted: 14 August 2010 10:27 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Just came back from the film festival, It was very well attended, the theater was full.
It was an all day affair with the following films shown:
10am The Four Horsemen
12:30 Marjoe If you’ve never seen this one, look for it—very illuminating
2:15-4:15 Short program
4:30p Creator of Gods (followed by Q&A with the producer) If you ever get the chance, you should see this one, it was produced by a Flint, Michigan neurosurgeon—very thought provoking.
6p The Rapture
8p Oh my God?
9:45 Monty Python’s meaning of life

Unfortunately, Randi and DJ Grothe came to town and announced a Skeptics in the Pub at 9pm—which was an unfortunate conflict with the film festival.


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