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I am a journalist and atheist/humanist.

I grew up in a very Christian family, but was skeptical early in life. In my teens I had what I call an enlightenment when I could no longer believe in religion as a way of life. I do believe that being a positive addition to this world is important, and religion does not always accommodate this. Though I do not attack anyones religious beliefs directly, I have studied religions to great lengths and have not yet found anything divine, or evidence of a god other than an explanation of the natural beauty and intricacy of Earth.

I am joining this forum because I want to meet more people that think like me.

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Welcome Chigonzo.  From your description of yourself, I think you’ll be right at home here.  Quite a few of us have ideas and beliefs very similar to yours.

Go through the various threads and add your comments.



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Welcome Chigonzo.  Glad to have you here.  I think you’ll be right at home here too.  Jump in and join the conversations.  smile


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