Bright Horizon Pictures documentary - “What is Scientific Truth?”
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Hello, just curious if anyone knows anything about this “documentary”?  Only thing I can find on the web is Bright Horizon’s website.  I missed the screening a couple weeks ago at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor.  I was initially intrigued, assuming it was a secular documentary (the Michigan Theater has always seemed to be a fairly progressive institution), but then found Bright Horizon’s self-description as follows:
“...non-profit Christian film company with the main goal of spreading the Gospel and truth through film.”

Uh-oh.  Since this is seemingly a small-time local effort I’m motivated to do some grass-roots refuting of any foolishness presented as fact.  However, rather than attend the next screening (Novi Christian Community Center on 9/26) I’ll probably just wait to buy a copy (hate to contribute $ to their cause, but better for note-taking anyway :-).  In the meantime, I figured I’d do a little research on some of the people featured in the film:

Dr. Richard Adler - Associate Professor of Biology and Microbiology and the Microbiology Concentration Advisor at UMD; with his wife, co-wrote the historical book “Jewish Ann Arbor

Dr. Loring Brace - Anthropologist at UofM; apparently “Darwinian” and anti-Creationist

Bob Dutko - Conservative Christian talk show host in Detroit

Ken Ham - Young-Earth Creationist; president of Answers in Genesis USA, which runs the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY

Dr. Grady McMurtry - Creationist; apparently questionable credentials

Todd Slisher - VP Science Programs @ the Detroit Science Center

Commentary from Dr. David Menton - “Creationist Anatomist”

Hmmmm, interesting.  Let’s just say I’m not holding my breath in expectation of a factual, reason-based perspective ;-)...

Thanks for any feedback/comments.