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Isn’t velocity composed of both speed and direction?  So 55 mi/h
is a speed, but 55 mi/h northbound is a velocity.

I see collisions as the basis for forming the structure in the
Universe as we know it.  After the BB, there were smaller
particles colliding to form larger ones, larger particles
colliding to form molecules, molecules colliding to form larger
ones… on a larger scale small rocks colliding to form larger
ones, asteroids colliding to form the Earth, a large collision
into the Earth nearly splitting it in two to form our Moon, etc.

The collisions all have velocity as a component, but those
velocities have to intersect also.  And matter is involved in
all that I described, too. 

The EM Universe has structure too, but that is energy


bicycles: less mass, no fuel, lower speed, more beautiful, more quiet, lower cost, less wear-and-tear on the roads, more social because you can talk to people beside you, low-impact heart healthy exercise, easy parking… they are not perfect, but are they better than cars?.

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