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...if you will a world full of people who think the way we do.  A planet topped to the brim with intelligent, resourceful free-thinkers who indulge in nature’s most wonderful gift: conscious thought.

That’s what I was thinking on my walk home from work today at least.  It quickly faded once I realized it was just that…a thought, not a reality.  One day! 

Hey everyone.  My name is Mark, down here in warm San Diego.  I’m actually quite new to "formal" skepticism and inquiry, though now that I am learning more about it I realize I’ve been this way my whole life.  Luckily I never had to de-convert, as my parents were never involved heavily with any godly cults.  My Dad took me to Sunday school, but I kept questioning the need to learn Hebrew.  All the kids would be running around the way kids do, but there was just this weird feeling I had being there.  Something wasn’t quite right.

To this day, I can recall the specific events which led me to my current beliefs of non-belief.

Friday nights were the family trip to the synagogue.  For those that have never been, there is usually some sort of "eternal flame."  Well, hearing this made a young boy very curious.  I marched up to the rabbi after the ceremony and asked her about the flame…what is it?  what does it mean?  Imagine how astonished I was at the thought of it -never- going out.  Wow!  If it can be lit forever, there is something special happening here.

A few weeks later during a return trip, I saw that the eternal flame was out.  Now mind you, this particular one was simply some flame like glass with a lightbulb or two behind it.  Sort of a big let down.  Eternity had ended.  Just like that…

You get the idea.  The symbolism of the blown out eternal flame couldn’t be anymore romantic an idea towards my feelings of those institutions these days.  What perfect harmony…

With that I adjourn you all back to your regularly scheduled broadcasts.  If you made it this far down, thanks smile  It all kind of slipped out.  These are intro’s after all…you should know where I’m coming from.

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Welcome Mark!

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Excellent, Mark! Your story reminds me of Carl Sagan’s great book: The Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark.

Science may not be an “eternal flame” (sadly, it can be extinguished), nevertheless it is our real hope for the future ...

And welcome.



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