“Cult” Abuse
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I haven’t heard much about cult abuse in the mainstream media lately.  What now happens to people who leave an abusive/demanding religious group? The term “cult” appears to be less politically correct today since many more religious groups have been accepted in society, but the situation must exist regardless of the names used.

Whenever a bible-based cult uses teachings like “friendship with the world is enmity against God” it is an invitation to prospective and current members to separate themselves from outside influences, however if the religious group fails to fill the needs of converts, these converts are again left to society which then has to deal with a badly adapted individual.  What efforts are there in West Michigan to help them to adapt to the outside world?

Those most attracted to extreme groups are often those who already suffer from a dysfunctional family life but I can’t even imagine how society absorbs these individuals.  What are they doing, living entirely alone and having to deal with their problems all by themselves?  Are there no escapees from abusive religion like there used to be?

I can only imagine that this is an as yet unaddressed social issue.  I wonder when it will become recognized as a social problem.

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I am not sure if there are nonprofit organizations to to handle these people, other than those self help groups that must be sought out by the victims of cults. There is no government agency of course.

The people you mention are victims by definition. After all, a cult is only justly defined as a religion whose leadership wields power against declared enemies as well as against lowly members. It is probably necessary to pursue legal remedies as well to assist and treat the victims.

Michael J. Burns