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Has anyone heard of Lyndon LaRouche?
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When I was working for Chuck Percy in Illinois when he ran for governor LaRouche was a presence that took votes away from the democrats and republicans both. No one knew which party he affected the most. He really had some hard working young supporters then and wasn’t as nuts by a long shot as he is now. The he was caught using his tax free as a free taxes button and spent some time in Jail. I never thought he’d come back but come back he has.


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Thank you for your post, cbushin. For 4 years now, I have been gullibullied by LaRouche campaigners. During the first call, I stupidly engaged and debated with the LaRouche representative (Karen) on the phone. Karen is good. She kept me on the phone for 15 - 20 minutes. Many of the views she expressed I happened to agree with, being a self-professed standard-issue progressive liberal. At the time I was blinded by disillusion and anger caused by the current administration’s many crimes against humanity. After the third phone call though (this woman was deft!) I began to get wise that the LaRouche campaign is a special kind of political party with fascist leanings. They made me nervous with their persistence, hyperbolic propaganda and dubious statistics—all common cult recruitment tactics. I asked to be removed from their list immediately. I asked not to be contacted in the future. Ever. They called again. And again. And again. “Never call me again!” I’d holler into the phone. I am generally a well-mannered person. I don’t routinely holler at strangers. The calls continued. I tried screaming obscenities into the phone like one afflicted with advanced Tourette’s Syndrome. No luck. I hung up loudly. I whistled. I sang, “Hello My Baby, Hello My Darlin’ Hello, my Ragtime Gaal..” like the dancing frog in the Warner Brothers cartoon. If my husband happened to answer, the woman would say, like our oldest friend, “Hey! This is Karen! Can I speak with…?”  Tonight, she called again. It’s no exaggeration to say this was around the 45th call. When I heard her unmistakably pushy voice on the phone and the words, “I’d like a few minutes of your time to discuss the Lyndon LaRouche campaign…” I let out an ear-piercing, blood-curdling shriek into the phone—so loud that my family came running, assuming I’d been stabbed. I can only hope Karen’s ears are bleeding profusely somewhere in her sad little cult-y world, impotent, caged political animal that she is. Take my advice: DO NOT give these people your telephone number. Run, and don’t look back. My only recourse now is to harass the harassers. I’m going to miss that Lyndon LaRouche when he finally kicks the bucket. Maybe Karen will still call me after he’s gone… just to chat.

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Interesting, AdaVeen. These definitely are the tactics of cults. I wonder if there’s any way that they can be prohibited from calling you back ...



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Lyndon Larouche!!!. How could I forget his political analysis!.

Almost six years ago, we faced a major political and economical crisis. Believe, the future didn’t appear exactly pleasant: almost 30% of unemployment, generalized bank crashes and private funds impounded by the goverment, pickets on the streets, some of them very violent (with violent police repression: a couple of deaths in few days), growing poverty, five presidents in two weeks, inflation (almost 40% general price level increase in a month) and this kinds of things. Far from fun, really.

Of course, the complete political spectrum was a mess: the party in the power almost destroyed, old political characters coming back. One of this old political character was a crazy, right winged, neo nazi former militar from a elite group and a veteran from the falklands war. Despite his name, Mohamed Ali Seineldin, he is a fanatic christian. He leaded a couple of strikes against the democratic goverment in the early 80s, when we were just comint out from the militar dictatorship. At this time, he was imprissioned on a military prission because of an attemp of talking power ten years before (he was pardoned by the president a couple of years ago, when he started to suffer delusion… he used to see virgin mary)

Well, Seineldin brought to the country the Larouche’s ideas. Surprisingly (or not) his ideas found fertile ground between the left winged groups which had been growing in the crisis. I remember I received a litle article attributed to Larouche claiming that: “the plan for the destroy of the national states had started with its first victim: Argentina (*)”. In this conspiration a lot of US militars and civils, along with bankers (you know, the evil Fed) and the world goverment were engaged. And we (the argentinians) were the victims ( I guess that be the target for this powerlfull forces produces a bit of proud, and excuses one self for the own faults and errors). He profetizes that the U.N. (the real world goverment, as everybody knows) would send humanitary help to the country, in the way the forces the UN usually (not) deploys in really problematic areas. This force would separate the country in four areas, to allow the UN goverment to take off our, suposedly, hughe natural resources.

According to what I know, Larouche also provided defenso to the ‘great dragon’ of the KKK in Pennsylvania, Roy Frankhouser, who was also his security advisor. Also, he was an enthusiastic of the ‘war against comunisn’ ( of course, in the form it took in latam ), but he claimed Henry Kissinger reached his position due to the soviet support (a important degree of mental confussion, I’d say). In 1986 he propposed to isolated the persons with HIV. He claims that there is a great conspitarion ( the IMF, WB, US, of ruled by the jewish) which prevents the people to be happy.

(*) It was clear for any thinking person that the responsability of the crisis was mainly inside, but anyway, it’s relaxing blaming another persons.

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