Throw Away The Recipe; Learn The Ratio Instead
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Well, since my thread about Harold McGee’s ‘Keys To Good Cooking’ seemed to hit a sweet tooth wink
Let me add this interview. I actually heard it this summer and even wrote up a couple introductory paragraphs for a CFI post - since it was a perspective on cooking that I’ve long loved and felt was missing. But that was during my WIFI blacked out period, so it just faded into the sunset.

In any event, if you liked the other interview about cooking science - you’ll love this here interview about the ART of cooking:
Throw Away The Recipe; Learn The Ratio Instead
July 26, 2009

Michael Ruhlman wants to free home cooks from what he calls the “shackles of the recipe.”

His new book, Ratio, is about learning basic ratios. For example: 3:2:1 — three parts flour, two parts fat (like butter) and one part water — makes a basic pie crust. Add a dash of salt, and it’s a savory base for a quiche. Add some sugar, and you’ve got a shell for cherries, chocolate cream or fresh peaches.

“I want people to understand the fundamentals of cooking,” he tells host Guy Raz. He says home cooks are so focused on recipes that they don’t understand the importance of ratios. . .


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